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‘Parasite’ the TV series is coming, declared on Oscars night

‘Parasite’ the TV series is coming, declared on Oscars night

The memorable Oscars night for “Parasite” is good news for an arranged TV series dependent on the film.

As indicated by The Hollywood Reporter, a limited series dependent on the dark comedy thriller has been in progress.

The film follows two disparate Korean families, one rich and one poor, and all that results when the poor family cons its way into the lives of the wealthier ones.

“Parasite” won four significant Academy Awards Sunday – best original screenplay, best director, best international feature film and best picture – becoming the first South Korean film to ever get Oscars in those categories.

Directer Bong Joon Ho is working with American director/producer Adam McKay to carry a limited series to HBO that develops the movie.

HBO is owned by CNN’s parent organization WarnerMedia.

Bong Joon Ho conversed with “Extra” Sunday night on the Oscars red carpet about the project.

“We’re in the very early stages,” the director said via his interpreter Sharon Choi. “We started discussions with Adam McKay. We’re going our best to make sure we create a high-quality limited series.”

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