“Pretty Bold,” with her intuitive and powerful writing, make way for Cynthia Acosta

“Pretty Bold,” with her intuitive and powerful writing, make way for Cynthia Acosta

The much-talked-about author and podcaster’s latest “Pretty Bold Series” books are turning more heads.

It is surreal to learn about all those professionals who, at every step of their journey, ensure they add more value to people’s lives with all they choose to do in their careers and lives. Among these, a few have always stood out, thriving on their passion, dedication, and commitment to creating a positive wave of change across societies, eventually transforming mindsets for the better. We couldn’t help but notice how Cynthia Acosta, the much-talked-about author and podcaster, did precisely that with her celebrated “Pretty Bold Series” of books.

She explains that the Pretty Bold Series is all about her life and the many lessons she learned along her journey. These books delve readers into several controversial topics, written confidently and boldly. She always wanted to question the norms and challenge the status quo, which led her to the world of books and her becoming an author.

Realizing the importance of confronting uncomfortable truths head-on, she began writing on social injustice, human rights, stereotypes, mental health, identity, and so much more. The Pretty Bold Series is all about this and more. Her latest book, “Pretty Bold: Smart is The New Sexy” emphasizes “Smart is the new Sexy.” It embodies qualities like creativity, wit, problem-solving skills, confidence, authenticity, and intelligence. She speaks about how these qualities make people attractive and not what society’s beauty standards might say.

Besides this, coming June, she will be dropping her new book, “Pretty Bold Mistakes: The Games People Play,” which is touted to be her boldest book so far in the series. It delves into the complexities of relationships, human behavior, and the quest for success. She is also a podcaster of her Pretty Bold Podcast, delving into several meaningful issues and topics.

Her other books include “The New Level of Pretty Bold: Life Lessons on How to become Smart, Savvy, and Pretty Bold!,” “Pretty Bold Affirmations: The Crown is Heavy but I am Strong,” “Pretty Bold Confidence,” “Becoming Pretty Bold: A 30 Day Workbook,” “Pretty Bold Business: Your Guide to Starting a Business with Courage and Confidence,” “Pretty Bold Faith: Strategies to embrace your power and pursue your dreams with unwavering Faith,” “Pretty Bold Power: Bold Strategies for Taking your Power back,” “Pretty Bold: Mindfulness,” and “Pretty Bold: Unapologetic.”


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