Promote Your YouTube Channel

Promote Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is becoming bigger and bigger, and recently it surpassed Facebook and become the second most visited site on the internet. The increased access to the internet across the world has caused the boom in video watchers. It is not easy to get these views because there are many YouTubers out there who are more popular than you.

While there is the option of buying Youtube views and that’s why youtubers are always looking for the best sites to buy YouTube likes and views. But this is not going to benefit you in the long run and you will end up spending a lot of money. This is why you should try growing your audience bit by bit. Below are five tips that are going to help you improve your YouTube videos.

Starting Your Video with a Story

The first 5 minutes of the video are important because they determine whether the user is going to keep watching or not. Start with a story so you can keep people glued to your video. The main reason why people watch videos on YouTube is that they are interested in a story. Having a good story is going to help you get more views.

It is even better if you have an intriguing personal story because personal stories tend to endear you to the user. The person watching the video might relate to the story then share it with people who might find it relatable. It is important to avoid oversharing or you might end up saying something that puts you in a lot of trouble. Enlist the help of a YouTube video editing service for the best quality videos.

Creating Quality Thumbnails

Thumbnails might not seem like a big deal, but it is an important part. People will look at the quality of the thumbnail when determining whether to watch the video or not. You should make the thumbnail attractive and it should let the viewer know what the video is about. You should make them eye-catching. There are many designing tools you can use in editing pictures, playing with colors, or even using templates to design the best thumbnails for your videos.

Remember to add a title to the thumbnail because it lets the audience know what the video is about. Choose high-quality images for your thumbnail so that they always look good no matter the resolution the user is watching. Thumbnails have been shown to have an impact on video views. Put time and effort when creating thumbnails for your video.

Piggyback off of Trending Topics

An easy way of attracting viewers to your channels is to create videos related to already tending topics. The viral topic has a built-in market waiting, and it is up to you to capture it. Roasts, Reviews, and Reaction videos have managed to take advantage of this strategy and piggybacked on other topics or videos.

The current pandemic is being used by many creators to make videos related to it in order to get more views. It can be challenging to create topics around viral topics sometimes, but if you manage to make it work, then you can end up with thousands of views or even millions in a short time. This is why you should take your time to look for ideas that are going to attract a lot of views.

Editing Distractions Out of Your Videos

Most people using YouTube are below the age of 30. Most of them are looking for short interesting videos because they don’t like spending a lot of time watching a video. Your videos should be kept to the point and interesting enough so they can keep watching. You need to avoid unnecessary information because it makes the video engaging and fast-paced.

Remove long pauses, off-topic discussions, or meandering talks because the viewers will start looking for other videos to watch. It is a good idea to have the ads at the begging and before the end of the video to ensure the user is not distracted halfway through the video. This is because some users can decide to switch to another video during this time interval.

Featuring Other YouTubers in Your Videos

The hottest trend right now on YouTube is collaborating with other YouTubers, and there are good reasons for this. It is going to help in boosting the visibility of our channel and can result in increased views and subscribers. the collaborator’s audience is also going to know your content as your audience knows their content. This becomes beneficial for both channels.

You get a lot more exposure if you choose to collaborate compared to other steps mentioned above, especially if you manage to rake in someone famous. You can choose to collaborate with social media influencers, other YouTubers, famous personalities, etc. If you are looking for the best results, then consider choosing someone who is more popular than you.

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