Reaching the masses on Instagram with Laurence Moss

Reaching the masses on Instagram with Laurence Moss

Instagram is one of those platforms that everyone uses, but not many people actually understand. With billions of users, it is one of the most popular social media platforms, and has the advertising potential to benefit almost any business.

Laurence Moss is a teenage entrepreneur from the United Kingdom who has taken the time to understand Instagram, and leverage it to generate traction and build businesses. Taking his marketing agency Greedy Growth to one of the most established Instagram marketing agencies today, Laurence’s clientele includes several multi-million dollar businesses, such as the world’s largest pop culture auction company, and many more.

Today, we sat down with him to find out a bit more about how someone might attempt to establish themselves as an authority on Instagram.

  1. Setting Goals

It is important to be realistic about what you want to achieve from the off-set. This does not mean wanting to have 100,000 followers by the end of the year. Neither does it have to be transactional. Instead, it could be something as simple as to provide value to your audience with consistent and valuable content once per day.

Thinking transactionally not only limits your creativity, but narrows the lengths at which you’re willing to go to provide free value.

  1. Being authentic

It is extremely important to be transparent with your followers, and speak to them with the truth. In addition, being authentic may include being personable and empathetic to your existing audience, to remind them that you are human, and care about your following.

All of this will help you build up your credibility and support from your audience which will turn you into an authentic social media persona.

  1. Quantity over quality (to an extent

Lots of people will give you the same advice.

Put out quality content. Post once a day.

How about posting three times a day, and instead of being conscious about how your content might be received by your audience, focus on providing as much value as possible and put out content that you enjoy. Listen to your audience, but to an extent.

There should be a balance however. Don’t post every meal of the day because you I said post a lot. If you do have an actionable piece of content that you’re not sure whether it’s high quality enough, but it provides value, just upload it anyway.

  1. Copy, spin, test

The quickest way to grow Instagram followers in a short amount of time is to find similar accounts that are growing like crazy, copy exactly what they’re doing, and put your own spin on it. Then test it until you get similar results!

You don’t need to copy the exact same captions and content, but try to post as similar looking content as possible, with a similar style of captions, and even the same biography layout.

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