Josh Cartu – 3 Steps to Reducing Coronavirus Spread

Josh Cartu – 3 Steps to Reducing Coronavirus Spread

The novel Coronavirus pandemic is the most serious plague encountered in our generation.  In just 5 months, nearly 4.5 million victims have been infected, and created over 300,000 fatalities globally. 

The virus continues to spread by human contact with each other, and by direct contact with contaminated surfaces.  The virus can easily be transferred by touching doorknobs, elevator keys, shopping carts, grocery store products and even cash money. 

We asked pathologist Josh Cartu, from the National Center of Disease Control and Prevention, to explain measures that should be taken to reduce the spread.  Dr. Cartu responded with 3 steps that he claims should be taken by society to prevent the spread and threat of infection.   

Social distancing

Humans are societal beings, whereas they want to interact with one another, but doing that right now puts themselves and others at risk of being infected.  To stop a pandemic of this magnitude, social distancing is required.  That means staying away from other people, sanitizing your own area, and not sharing common things such as a computer mouse which may be infected.

According to Josh Cartu, society needs to keep a 6 feet distance between themselves and others to prevent the spread and contraction.  Dr. Cartu explains a coronavirus host may not know, or exhibit symptoms of infection for up to 3 weeks. 

During this time period, the carrier of the virus can infect others.  That is why social distancing is key when it comes to preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Health experts advise from touching surfaces or objects, and to practice hygienic measures such as washing hands, using disposable gloves, and sanitizing gel. 

Wearing protective masks

When infected Covid-19 victims exert involuntary violent coughs or sneezing, they can spread the virus for up to 10 feet radius.   For this reason, explains Josh Cartu, it is imperative that people wear protective face masks.  The facemasks help protect from droplets in the air and shield from others sneezing or coughing within the radios.

The reason why the pandemic infection rate in countries like China and South Korea is far lower than western countries is because their governments require facemasks be worn in public.  Aside from lockdowns, these and other countries offered protective masks to their populations and made their use mandatory in public.

Mass testing

According to Dr. Fahad Al Tamimi, one of the major contributing factors that determines life or death is attributed to early detection.  “Germany currently has over 175,000 Covid-19 victims, yet their mortality rate is 7,500.  This is because of their early detection practices.  In contrast, France has almost an exact similar number of infected victims, yet their death toll is over 26,500”. Dr. Fahad Al Tamimi says “The world is not a casino, and we cannot afford to not test.

Fahad Al Tamimi lectures the process of identifying and separating carriers is key to containing the virus and preventing its’ spread.  He explains mass testing is pivotal to identifying the sick and separating them from the healthy. 

Governments around the world are expected to soon manufacture and distribute testing kits that will produce speedy results within minutes.  Mass testing that produces rapid results will identify victims of the virus, and ensure they are isolated from the healthy and treated early, which prevents complications.

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