Remarkable services offered by DomainRooster

Remarkable services offered by DomainRooster

DomainRooster brings ease to the life of people through its astonishing services. It is an amazing provider of web hosting. Moreover, it also offers services of domain registration. It has recently rebranded its business hosting. It is named Web Hosting Plus. This platform has made considerable progress in server optimization. The main purpose of this platform is to increase the significance of clients’ usability.

Additionally, DomainRooster also gives importance to server hardware upgrades. Users can take advantage of reliable and cost-effective services offered by this platform. It is responsible for simplifying the complexity of life. It helps business owners to expand their sales and profits. High-performance and astounding WordPress services are quite helpful in this regard.

Web Hosting Plus is responsible for minimizing the major problems of people. The users need to sign up initially for using the offered services. After doing so, the clients can enjoy faster loading speeds for their websites as per their desire. Higher performance is also accountable for increasing its popularity among customers. The users can relish improved average server time in this regard. The server time is improved by up to 40%. This platform offers unlimited effective resources for making business websites. The effectiveness of server hardware can be assessed with the help of the following aspects:

  • Non-Volatile Memory Express

It helps users to relish up to a 7x throughput enhancement.

  • PHP OPCache

Users pay attention to PHP scripts. They run only a single time and are then, saved in the memory. Server response time is affected in this manner. It is reduced to 33% as per the calculations based on the research test. Thus, it will result in speeding up the websites hosted on this platform.   

  • Effective I/O Resources

The websites that take more time in loading are not acceptable for the users. They want to experience speeding queries of huge databases.

Web Hosting Plus is responsible for meeting the needs of users quite efficiently. It strikes a compromise between shared hosting and VPS. This platform consists of highly efficient resources of a virtual private server (VPS). VPS is a more effective option for users. It is a strong web hosting option that provides more comfort to people. It consists of dedicated resources that are liable to increase the satisfaction level of users. It is more expensive as compared to shared hosting. Furthermore, it is operated with server administration expertise.     

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