Don Afric: The Multilingual Music Sensation of Our Times

Don Afric: The Multilingual Music Sensation of Our Times

Music is undergoing an evolving phase in the modern times. Consistently, we are witnessing the rise of new trends in music industry. Every new trend has appeared on the surface with the distinct characteristics. Some trends accompany the use of a particular music instrument whereas others focus on a unique tone. However, there are also some trends which are quite unique in themselves. In this, connection, the rise of multilingual musicians is certainly a distinguishing one. Although it encompasses a very less number of performers but its fan following surpasses the numerous competing trends. Keeping this proposition in mind, we will explore the personality and musical skills of a multilingual musician Don Afric; the music sensation of this age.

Before going deeper into the magic music of Don Afric, it is imperative to learn about his personality.

An Introduction of Don Afric:

            Don Afric is a Moroccan singer and song writer. Hailing from Tangier, he pursued his studies in art and films. He is specifically known for his rare talent of singing in more than five different languages. Yes, he can sing not only in one or two but more than five completely different languages. The languages include English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Dutch and others. To be honest, speaking such a huge number of languages is a herculean task in itself but singing in this much number of languages is, undoubtedly, not less than a “rare talent”. It is also important to pinpoint that Don Afric learned all these languages through the music! Now it is genuinely an inspiration.

Now, let us explore the talents of Don Afric.

Musical Excellence of Don Afric:

            The list of Don Afric’s musical performances is long but he appeared to be the sensational for the first time for his records titled Yellow Pages.  Since then he has produced a long list of back to back hit singles. Some of them are F.A.I.T (2022), What’s Success (2022), Pulp Fiction (2022), and When You Look At Me (2022). Owing to his outstanding performances, he has been featured on various platforms. Among them Mojo, and balantlyblant are among the significant ones.

Cinematic Contributions of Don Afric:

            As stated earlier, Don Afric has pursued his studies in art and films. In the world of filmmaking, he has contributed in some of the all time hit movies which include Mission Impossible and War Machine. In these movies, he worked as the Production Secretary. Moreover, he has also worked as the Production Assistant in Spectre. These roles of Don Afric validate the viewpoint that he is not only a multilingual singer but also a truly multitalented star.


            Keeping in view the above parameters, it can be said that Don Afric has named certain unique features against his name. It is next to impossible to find a musician with excellence over about half a dozen languages and the excellence in cinematic skills at the same time. Thus, it is safe to say that Don Afric is, beyond any doubt, one of the unique assets of global film and music industry.

You can reach him by clicking his social media handles.





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