ReplyButler, an Unprecedented Gmail Add-On Adds Pre-Written Text Modules and Amazing Features to Soar Up Email Efficiency

ReplyButler, an Unprecedented Gmail Add-On Adds Pre-Written Text Modules and Amazing Features to Soar Up Email Efficiency

Just launched unprecedented Gmail add-on, ‘ReplyButler for Gmail’ allows users to quickly reply to emails on the go with pre-written ready-to-use text modules as well as their own texts.

Nearly 1.5 billion people use Gmail every month—and it’s not hard to see why. Email remains at the core of many workflows, and Gmail is excellent when it comes to managing emails. It’s familiar, sure, but it’s also powerful, with wonderful features. And yet there’s a lot that Gmail can’t do out of the box. This is where Gmail add-ons and extensions come in.

If Gmail is your goto email account, and you tend to think of yourself as a power user, ‘ReplyButler for Gmail’ is the ideal add-on for you with amazing features and abilities to the everyday Gmail experience. You’ve probably run into situations when you simply don’t have time to craft an award-winning response to a missive and yet, your business wouldn’t benefit from you replying with a simple “got it”. Instead, you need to be able to pull out a handy, well-written response that makes the recipient at least believe you’ve given the reply some semblance of thought, even though the reply was pre-penned.

ReplyButler for Gmail is an add-on that is installed into Gmail and allows the user to use text modules directly in Gmail with over 100 pre-written ready-to-use text modules. Furthermore, it can automatically enter addressing/greeting phrases for the e-mail using the right language and formality level. The top-notch Gmail add-on works with the web-based Gmail as well as the iOS/Android Gmail app.

ReplyButler for Gmail gives access to 100+ pre-created beautiful email text modules accessible directly from Gmail which has proved to be very useful especially for mobile devices where typing is a hassle. This hot add-on is not only limited to pre-written text modules; it also allows users to use their own texts. The addressing, greeting, pre-written text modules are totally free, though using your own text modules requires a subscription. ReplyButler for Gmail protects users against many embarrassing mistakes.

Imagine how much time you’ll get to save with these modules ready to do all the repetitive work for you. It frees up your time by composing your emails in Gmail in a matter of minutes so that you can do something more productive throughout your day.

When you’re on the go and your business life is crushingly busy, you’ll be glad you’ve installed “ReplyButler for Gmail”. This is an incredibly easy way to ensure you’re communicating with clients, staff, and others who demand replies that go beyond a couple of words. Get “ReplyButler for Gmail” into your daily routine, and you’ll be glad you did.

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