She’s the boss! Why celebrity entrepreneur & beauty expert J. Nicole Baca is one to watch

She’s the boss! Why celebrity entrepreneur & beauty expert J. Nicole Baca is one to watch

J. Nicole Baca is an entrepreneur, a beauty guru, and former “award-winning” lash artist, who created the top-selling skin serum — ‘Overdose.’ 

Baca is a relatable public figure who specializes in advising people with problematic skin and has an ever-growing fan base.

While wearing her entrepreneurial hat, Baca created designer eyelash extensions worn by many Hollywood A-listers. She quickly garnered the moniker — “the Eyelash Queen.” She patterned the product and went on to win the ‘Nova Lash’ national award for ‘Lash Artist of the Year.’

In 2015, a comprehensive scientific study into the anti-aging benefits of ‘Overdose’ was released to elevate the clinical evidence — proving J. Nicole Skincare’s ability to restructure the skin’s deep layers with its products. 

Overdose’ represents a real breakthrough in skin anti-aging and the branch of knowledge behind problem skin. The newly discovered data on what causes acne and other skin problems present statistically significant proof on the effect “Overdose” has on the surface of the skin.

When it comes to tackling acne-prone skin, the public’s knee-jerk reaction might be to douse themselves in as many chemicals you can get your hands on. But, according to Jamie Nicole Baca, this is a huge no, no!

J. Nicole Baca: Businesswoman and “award-winning” lash artist

Before you Google, “How much acid can I put on my face?” you might want to think about going in a different direction and trying ‘Overdose.’ Piling on unforgiving treatments can irritate your skin and, in effect, dry it out, causing the skin to react by producing more oil in retaliation, further clogging your pores.

The result? Breakouts. Yikes…

J. Nicole says: “Your skin’s main job is to protect the body — in other words, keeping bacteria out — so it’s tough to find a product that will penetrate the layers.”

She continued: “Brands often use one “active” ingredient in their products, following it up with up to thirty “inactive” and “fluff” ingredients that don’t offer any benefits to the skin, but they sometimes sound good. Why have multiple products on your bathroom counter when you can roll them all into one? That’s ‘Overdose!”

‘Overdose’ contains bio-hybrid technology, which uses seven bio-active ingredients rolled into one handy pump dispenser.

So today, we’re beyond excited to introduce you to J. Nicole Baca — a powerhouse who is incredibly gifted. We want to know more!

Q: When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger, I knew that I would own my very own salon and spa. I wanted to be a skincare professional or a dermatologist.

Q: What’s your favorite beauty trend these days?

I typically do not get caught up in so-called trends such as “clean beauty” because I like to have supporting facts behind something before using it on my skin. If you think about it, what does clean beauty really mean? — That is a different topic— if I had to choose a trend, I would choose the IV therapy. I love to get the Vitamin D therapy to help boost my immune system and regenerate my skin cells. Vitamin D is absorbed from the sun and from several foods that I am allergic to, and since wearing sunblock is crucial for my skin, IV therapy allows me to get the Vitamin D that my body is not absorbing naturally.

Q: How would you describe your signature product ‘Overdose,’ and what sets it apart from other brands on the market?

I would describe Overdose as the “trend eliminator” I created Bio-Hybrid Technology specifically to make skincare more fast and effective. Beautiful skin should be simple and easy to maintain. People don’t have time to follow complicated skincare routines that don’t work. I use bioactive ingredients and no fluff ingredients such as extracts and fragrances.

Q: What’s your favorite makeup product?

When asked about make-up, that is tough to answer because I am allergic to all of the make-up that I have tried. I do use make-up very sparingly because I have to follow it up later with allergy medications or steroids, which is why I will be launching my own bb cream this summer! I absolutely love a good tinted moisturizer because it gives me a dewy-beautiful coverage without that crepey make-up look!

Q: What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty, to me, is a direct reflection of your health. Beauty is fun, sexy, and being confident in your skin, whether you are wearing makeup, using a selfie filter, or not!

Q: Describe your makeup?

I don’t overdo it! Because I am so busy most of the time, I  have eyelash extensions! This is how I wake up and just go! At night, I may add some mascara to my eyelash extensions to make them “pop” more such as Sorme’ Ultra Lash Mascara and of course some simple luscious lip gloss but that’s about it. I feel confident enough that make-up is a choice and not a must for me!

Q: Which are the must-have products every person with problem skin should have in their bag?

A product everyone should have in their bag is ‘Overdose,’ of course! It contains everything you need and is simple to manage! You can throw it in a purse, a backpack, or the car. It goes with you everywhere! You can use it as an all in one face, neck, and chest serum or a spot treatment for those pesky spots, zits, lines, even the eye and lip area to combat puffy, dark circles and crepey lines around the mouth. It is also a perfect makeup primer because it exfoliates, moisturizes, brightens, plumps, refines, renews and smoothes!

Clinical evidence proves ‘Overdose’ has the ability to restructure the skin’s deep layers

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from my family!  I was born and raised in a family of successful entrepreneurs! My mom, dad, brother and my sister’s all have their own companies. I experienced the world of entrepreneurship my whole life and my two daughters are now experiencing it as well. It builds grit and character! I am an independent self-made woman who doesn’t have to depend on a man to build an empire!

Q: What’s one thing that would surprise us about you?

One thing that would surprise you about me is that I am a pretty simple and low-key girl. A typical night for me is hanging out at home with my dog, my daughter’s, the love of my life, a glass of wine and a movie on Netflix. I go to sleep early because that’s when the cells produce more collagen- that’s why they call it “beauty sleep.”

Q: What your go-to tip for getting the most out of your skincare products.

Multitask! This way you don’t have to worry about rotating skincare products and a cluttered bathroom shelf where the products go to waste, plus, a couple of regret buys that sit at the back that we can’t let go of. With ‘Overdose,’ I guarantee you will use it up and order more and throw away your other products. You have it all in one, with my product.

To order J. Nicole’s ‘Overdose’ visit J. Nicole Skincare.

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