Author & Motivational Speaker Kessa Gooden put Through Horrific Ordeal by Spring Valley Las Vegas Police

Author & Motivational Speaker Kessa Gooden put Through Horrific Ordeal by Spring Valley Las Vegas Police

Most people have the idea the police are there to “protect and serve”. A well-respected member of the Spring Valley community Kessa Gooden found out otherwise when she experienced a surprise, abusive visit from local police officers.

Some areas have police departments with reputations that should make normal law-abiding citizens pull back with concern. Author, entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker Kessa Gooden recently found out first-hand Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of those places. And she is doing everything possible to warn families to be aware of this danger. This nightmare experienced was multiplied even further by the Spring Valley Hospital also seeming to abuse Kessa and disregarded her rights.

“On Monday, November 23rd, I was home with my children,” commented Kessa, clearly still upset by the experience. “It was just a regular day. Later that evening police came into my house, woke me up out of my sleep and basically forced me out of my house in just my underwear and my t-shirt. They sprained my hand, fractured my toe and took me to Spring Valley hospital. I still don’t know what happened or why they came inside my house day. They claim I wanted to harm myself, which isn’t true. They put me in the hospital for four days with no medical attention, where I was forced to take injections and manhandled by the staff.  No one would even give me a straight answer to why I was there beyond telling me that ‘they are here to help’.  First what happened at my home and then what went on in the hospital made me even more in fear for my life.  And this is the Spring Valley police and hospital!”

Kessa saw the experience in Spring Valley Hospital as an example of a system just set up to make money and not care about people at all. She was treated brutally and without compassion for no reason at all, worrying the whole time about the safety of her children.

She continued, “My children were taken away from my home and my biggest concern was what was happening to my kids. I had no way to reach them on the phone. I tried to call my children but did not get an answer since my children are minors and I took out of my home. I was in fear that something may have happened to my children. At the front desk in the hospital, I asked for a phone call or to be connected with someone who knows what happened to my kids and no one wanted to help me. Instead, they restrained me, gave me medicine and injection I didn’t need telling me that I am I need to calm down!”

Now that Kessa is free from this nightmare she is doing her best to educate others of the danger from so-called authorities in Spring Valley, while also continuing her work as an author and motivational speaker.

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