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Skylar Domine earning in six to eight digit figure by handling multiple work at a time

Skylar Domine earning in six to eight digit figure by handling multiple work at a time

Born and raised in central Wisconsin growing up racing and outdoor activities.  For me work came before sports although I was always consistent with putting in hours towards my physical fitness goals.  I was blessed with a loyal and loving family with parents who are still married.  Throughout high school I had many jobs from mowing lawns, automotive mechanic, service manager, and warehouse machine operator.

Immediately after high school graduation I joined the United States Marine Corps which came easy to me from instant obedience to orders, marksmanship, and strenuous physical activity.  Because I was able to adapt and overcome, I was meritoriously promoted to Corporal and Combat Meritoriously promoted to Sergeant along with awards such as a Navy Achievement Medal while deployed.  

However, although I prospered in the military my family didn’t while I was gone so I chose to get out for them and come home to go to college utilizing my Post 9/11 GI Bill.  I went to UW Milwaukee for business school majoring in marketing.

I then started an apparel company that forced me to be relocated to Scottsdale Arizona. Which I then started a personal training business that I prospered at due to the moral paycheck it gave me that my apparel company did not.  I was able to change my clients lives literally in every aspect just by getting them into shape.  It multiplied their job output, personal confidence, health, sex drive, family, and so much more. However, I could I only train so many people in a day, so I then scaled the business by hiring trainers and later purchasing 3 new gyms.  

Another business I fell into that also cashed out moral paychecks was the CBD and cannabis industry being able to get people off of the harsh narcotics and other drugs they were being prescribed.  

Leading me to where I’m at now which is now helping people get into a better position financially utilizing blockchain technology and digital currencies such as bitcoin.   The reason I am able to do this successfully is solely because of the framework and skillset Zima Digital Assets provides which is superior to any competitor out there currently. I hold the position of Deputy Director and have magnified my net worth from 6 figures to 8 figures going into 2020.  I’m also the manager for the celebrity and musician Zach Salter.

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