Retaining Stardom On Social Media Is Not So Simple: Emreezy

Retaining Stardom On Social Media Is Not So Simple: Emreezy

Emreezy understands the significance of social media inside and out. He’s a digital content creator and social media star with a massive fan following. However, Emreezy’s journey was never easy. It was full of hardship and other roadblocks. 

However, Emreezy’s determination to work hard and create his own identity online was so strong that he launched his own online community at the age of just 14. 

“Since my childhood, I knew I was destined to do something big in life. I don’t find much interest in doing routine stuff. I always pay close attention to things, which attract me. When I was a school-going kid, social media attracted me a lot, opening a new vista for me to gain recognition at a young age. It also helped me hone my skills and become a successful social media sensation,” Emreezy opined. 

Emreezy was born as Emre Ucar on 12th September, 1999, at Birkesdorf, Germany. He was born to a family with Turkish roots. At 14, he not only explored the benefits of various social media channels but also became a popular star. 

Initially, his sole focus was to build his online credibility as a social media star. He worked really hard from 2013 to 2016 for that. Gradually, his first big break came when his Facebook community got active participation from lots of active users. He also tried his hand at E-sports becoming one of the most professional E-sports professionals in this genre. He won many awards and prizes for his gaming skills and expertise. 

“I can still recall the year 2016 as the biggest turning point of my career. During this year, I realized that I could do lots more as a professional digital content creator on social media. I was fully confident about my creative abilities and imaginative skills. So, I rechristened my name from Emre Ucar (Original name) to Emreezy (pen name) as I felt Emreezy more captivating and interesting. Luckily, my new name proved to be a lucky charm for me and my fans.” Emreezy commented.

Emreezy is not just active on social media, but he is equally committed to staying fit and healthy. He loves working out at the gym and staying in the right shape. You can find his few workout videos online on his Instagram handle. 

Among various Instagram channels, Instagram is his favorite. He loves Instagram for its rich audio-visual effects and various other features, including Insta reels, stories, and Insta feeds. Today, people are crazy about Insta reels. These reels are really helpful in enhancing the online visibility of the creator. 

“The biggest challenge on Instagram is not to gain stardom, but how to retain your spot there. Instagram and social media channels are extremely competitive these days. Every two-three days, some new creator comes out and becomes famous. But only a few of them eventually get success in retaining their stardom for a longer period of time. That is why I think retaining stardom on social media is not so simple. You have to constantly improve your digital content by adding new concepts and elements to get more online visibility.” Emreezy explained. 

Emreezy started his journey by posting simple lifestyle videos online. But gradually, he started posting diverse content starting from his workout video to fashion hauls. Today, he enjoys a combined fan following of over 100,000 followers on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other channels.

You can follow Emreezy’s life journey on Instagram here to get inspired by his outstanding content. 

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