Review: There are connectivity problems with Nayanthara’s Connect

Review: There are connectivity problems with Nayanthara’s Connect

Covid causes Susan (Nayanthara) to lose her spouse, Vinai Rai. Everyone is shocked by this, but Anna, Susan’s daughter, is most affected. She uses an outside power to help her in her attempt to communicate with her father’s ghost. But in a tragic turn of events, she is possessed by an unidentified ghost, who causes chaos in the family. How will Susan, who is defenceless, handle this predicament? Whose help does she take is the story of the film.

The film’s fundamental aesthetics are executed properly. Despite just taking place in two rooms, the picture is nicely lighted and gives the audience a tight feeling. The build-up to the climax has been handled properly, and the scenes where the spirit departs the body have been well-represented. The actress who played Anna did well in her pivotal part.

Typically, the suspense in a thriller keeps you interested in reading more. However, nothing of the sort is taking place here. It is a simple thread that is executed in an uninteresting way. Ashwin separates the quarantine days and displays excitement for each. But so many scenes of panic are cut half way through irritating the audience.

Overall, Nayanthara’s Connect is a shoddy horror thriller devoid of any innovative ideas. The audience is made to endure the wonderful climax by Nayanthara. The remainder of the story, the narration, and the thrills, however, are uninteresting, making this movie a drab choice for this weekend.


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