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Rick Bars Displays The Importance Of Marketing Music

Rick Bars Displays The Importance Of Marketing Music

Rick Bars has reach over 3.3 million total views on YouTube and 1 million streams on Spotify. He recently uploaded a new video showing how to promote music using Spotify Ad Studio. He also goes into targeting and setting up an advertisement correctly. Rick gives an example of how he promotes directly to fans of J.Cole and Dave East. (Targeting similar fanbase is one of the most effect ways to promote)

3 top growth practices:

  • Make interesting content 
  • Understand your audience 
  • Be willing to invest in your self

This information can help lots of independent artist promote their music and possibly reach the next level. Rick Bars also mentioned that he will do more videos that help artist grow. He is very dedicated to giving artist the knowledge to grow. He had a program with Santana Sankofa that unfortunately had to close due to the current times however, this is his way of helping regardless of circumstances.

Here’s the link to the Spotify Ad Studio tutorial

Checkout his most recent song Replay the Block which now has 600k views

New music visual:

Spotify link:

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