Rising Star Crossing Boundaries

Rising Star Crossing Boundaries

Videos being viral and introducing the audiences to new faces is a trend these days. But what about the time when not many people used social media, or when there were no memes and no paid promotion on media? If an artist managed to make his place among people and receive love during that time, it has to be a great deal. Such a star is D’Andre Jamal Mason, popularly known as M City J.R., or just ‘City.’ He is an artist, a songwriter, a singer, a rapper, and the creator of the Y.C.S.N. brand. A complete package, right? Exactly how an outstanding artist is expected to be!

If you talk about City’s past life, he was never a privileged kid who was spoon-fed by influential people. He has had his struggles, and he can proudly say that he is the sole credit gainer for whatever he is today. Coming from Detroit, Michigan, he spent a significant part of his life performing on stage and working on music projects. He did not receive much recognition or limelight in his earlier days. However, this didn’t stop him. He spent several years performing on the Detroit underground hip-hop and rap scene before coming up with his first famous track. 

Grindin’ was a remake of Lil Wayne’s song, but it earned a lot of love. This was the time when City started receiving recognition and became much more determined to achieve his goals. The significant events in his life included being featured in “10 Detroit Artists You Must Know in 2015″, releasing new single’ Salmonella,’ forming of Y.C.S.N. brand, performing on respectable shows and festivals, meeting with an accident and then turning this tragedy into opportunity by releasing a doc-video ‘Road to Recovery.”

Then there was the moment that changed the entire life of City. In 2016, his new single, a comedic song video – “Addicted to My Ex” – went viral and let the audience know about him. The video broke several records and also made many! It was a huge hit, and people from all over the world loved it. The unexpected response that he got for the video was unmatchable. 

“Addicted to my Ex” was featured at no. 15 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart and also at no. 41 on the Hot R&B/Hip hop Songs chart. From performing on local stages to getting his song debuted on the top songs’ list, City came a long way.

Since then, City has never turned back and has never stopped. Recently his new song – Proud of You – debuted and won several hearts. Another single – Pizza Pizza – has debuted worldwide and is hitting stores and playlists. With record-breaking streams everywhere, the song is gaining immense love. City is all set to get featured in the top artists’ list once again, it seems! 

The artist who hailed from a small place with desperation for opportunities and recognition in his heart has managed to set an example for others about how you can achieve anything if you are determined enough. Thus, many people look up to him as their idol and gain inspiration from him.

City – a hub for decades for rap – has excitedly announced his team up with the most famous international media/entertainment company, Royal Heir Entertainment. The company would help in the distribution of his tracks in Asia. With this, City has paved his way in crossing boundaries for his music. With increased traction all over the globe, City has decided to glee his enthusiastic fans in Asia. Moreover, his supporters also would be equally excited as him.

“My goals have changed throughout my career. Currently my goal is to produce as much art, to influence as many people as I possibly can.” He’s doing it and how!

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