Saharanpur’s the first digital marketing expert Usman Rao

Saharanpur’s the first digital marketing expert Usman Rao

Saharanpur’s the first digital marketing expert Usman Rao and Illuminated the name of the entire district How he started his company jelly143 If you hold on to success, no one can stop you from succeeding. You fall again but don’t give up,

Meet them this is Usman Rao “Jelly” who has a passion to think so big at such a young age and accepts every challenge, He says that I learn from every person who has big thinking and passion to succeed And seeing them, I think that if these people can do it, then why can’t I do it? After all, it is a human like me and they also have the same mind as me and I always do the same thing. Why do I think This task is very difficult and I will not be able to do it, but I love the challenge and I am famous for it only. Usman rao says with the advancement and changing trand digital and technically,
he added that he belongs to a middle class family and he lives like a common man and he knows very well how it feels when you come down from the top Usman’s company is making very good revenue and it is constantly coming to the offices of big companies, Usman told how he wants to change the world, he wants every city there should be an entrepreneur like him in the street who can illuminate the name of himself and his family

At the age when you should play games, Usman was working on digital marketing and was waiting for his success Usman said that he had earned his first 500 rs by selling a photo it was his first earning he earned this in digital marketing when I started working and after that he worked as a freelancer and I learned a lot of skills and kept going and today he is the owner of Jelly143 which has become such a popular company it is the result of her hard work if we too We want that even if such big companies build such a big business, then we will have to work continuously like this and focus on our work.

Usman Rao is very famous for the same thing that whatever work he does, he makes it very easily and even if there are any difficulties on the way, he faces it very easily The same happened to me that whenever I thought of doing something big, I would give up in front of luck. But I continued to grow and today I became CEO of Jelly143 And became the youngest CEO of India

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