Samsung names head of TV platform and new smartphone

Samsung names head of TV platform and new smartphone

In its yearly executive reorganization on Monday, Samsung Electronics Co. elevated vice president Kim Yong-soo, a former software specialist for Google and Oracle, to oversee the company’s smartphone and TV platform services.

He succeeded Lee Won-Jin, who stepped down as president of the South Korean company that manufactures memory chips and smartphones last week.

Lee, an ex-Google executive, was credited with spearheading Samsung’s rise to a global leadership position in the smart TV and smartphone platform markets during his more than nine years there, generating sales in the billion-dollar range.


At Samsung, executive reorganizations occurred throughout all business units.

Seline Han, aka Han Sangsook, was named head of Mobile eXperience’s (MX) services division. She was executive vice president of Samsung’s smart TV service.


In charge of Samsung’s Device eXperience (DX) business in the Middle East, Lim Seong Taek was appointed head of the division’s operations in South Korea.

Lim will be in charge of sales and marketing for Samsung’s TVs and smartphones in his new position, which is one of the company’s major roles.

Lim will be replaced as head of the division’s operations in the Middle East by Cho Sung-hyeok, vice president of the MX division’s strategy and marketing. His name’s English spelling has not yet been verified.

The former head of the strategic marketing office for the MX division, Choi Kyung-sik, will continue to oversee the division’s US operations.


After the customary reorganization of executives, Kim Ki-nam, vice chairman and head of Samsung’s Device Solutions division, which oversees the semiconductor business, announced his retirement.


Samsung established a future business planning division with the goal of looking into new growth engines in tandem with the yearly executive reorganization.

The new division’s head is Samsung SDI Co. vice chairman Jun Young Hyun. Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI’s advancement in the semiconductor and secondary battery markets has been fueled by the memory chip and battery veteran.

Vice President Taek Chung will be joining the planning division. At Standford University, he obtained his doctorate in Electrical Engineering.

Samsung Electronics is anticipated to convene a global strategy meeting as early as next week, subsequent to the executive reorganization.

They are anticipated to talk about next-generation memory chip development and improving their processing nodes at the executive meeting, in addition to on-device memory chips appropriate for generative AI and artificial intelligence applications.

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