Sensational Homecoming: The Partap Brothers Unveil Long-Awaited Return to India’s Music Scene

Sensational Homecoming: The Partap Brothers Unveil Long-Awaited Return to India’s Music Scene

The Partap Brothers, consisting of Davinder, Mohinder, and Ravinder Partap Singh, are proud ambassadors of the Sikh community. They have spent more than four decades in North America and abroad perfecting their talent and dedicating themselves to classical Kirtan, the musical recitation of sacred Sikh texts. Their absolute dedication to this art form is of great pride to Sikhs everywhere.

Davinder Partap Singh, the eldest of the brothers, was born on January 4th, 1955, in Sangrur, Punjab. He began his musical journey at the age of 10 and studied at the prestigious Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa School in New Delhi. Davinder is known internationally as a master of Gurmat Sangeet and has reintroduced complex Taals (beat cycles) in this genre. He has his own unique style and has traveled extensively, accompanying his father Sant Partap Singh and performing in India and abroad.

Mohinder Partap Singh, born in Sangrur in October 1957, is the sixth of eight siblings. He started learning tabla at the age of 6 and later mastered sitar and harmonium. Mohinder has impressed audiences around the world with his virtuosity and has performed in numerous countries. He has also mastered various challenging Taals and is known for his range, flexibility, confidence, and energy on stage.

Ravinder Partap Singh, born in New Delhi on September 30th, 1962, initially pursued a sporting life before taking up the tabla at the age of 28. He practiced diligently and found inspiration from tabla masters like Ustad Tafu Ji. Ravinder’s style is marked by the Kanar Tabla, where the index finger is dominant. He strives for perfection in every moment and note, and his musical influences mainly come from his brothers, Davinder and Mohinder.

The Partap Brothers recently returned to India after nearly 20 years abroad and embarked on a tour where they performed at various venues. They visited Amritsar, Chandigarh, Punjabi University in Patiala, and concluded their tour in Delhi. Their performances aimed to showcase the rich tradition of classical Kirtan and provide spiritual solace to people from all faiths.

The Partap Brothers’ father, Sant Partap Singh Ji, was also a renowned musician. He began performing harmonium and singing at the age of 10 and later became a head Ragi (musician) in several Gurdwaras. Sant Partap Singh Ji was known for his singing of classical Indian ragas, light classical ragas, Thumri, and Puratan-style Kirtan. He traveled extensively, performing alongside other prominent musicians and earning recognition as one of the most senior Ragis of his era. Sant Partap Singh Ji passed away peacefully on October 16th, 2018, surrounded by family and loved ones.

The Partap Brothers’ dedication to classical Kirtan and their musical prowess continue to inspire generations, and they hope that their music will bring peace, unity, and spiritual elevation to the world.

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