Shelly Decibels: One of the most rising names in the music scene that everyone’s talking about.

Shelly Decibels: One of the most rising names in the music scene that everyone’s talking about.

As a singer and musical artist from Ireland, Shelly Decibels’ music craft mesmerizes listeners and music lovers.

Isn’t it astounding to know and read more about all those individuals and professionals who take the required risks to make a higher jump into the industry they wish to make it huge? Well, the world may be a witness to the rise of many such talented beings, but it is a few individuals’ persistence, patience, and passion for their work that speak volumes about them as professionals. Doing that in the music industry can prove to be even more challenging and trickier, but what is success without the hurdles one faces? Asks Jack, more famously known as Shelly Decibels, who has been making a lot of noise in the music space, thriving on his years of passion for music and his madness for creating uniqueness with his musical work.

Shelly Decibels also remained in the news because he could make it this huge in the music industry as a young Irish artist. However, Shelly Decibels also believes that today since the industry is consistently growing, it is also constantly welcoming newer talented beings, which means opportunities are aplenty, but having said that, individuals and rising artists must also make sure to keep creating opportunities for themselves to have the edge over others in the industry. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Shelly Decibels is still a school student. He has been working from home, making incredible music and beats, which has helped him become a more known name in the industry as a young talent.

Shelly Decibels has been taking over the pop and rap genres in music, which he absolutely loves, and has given major hits like Industry Freestyle, The Moon, and Hit My line (Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/72qv4sUia0Kgy5uPxK4gx3). Another major reason that has helped him reach the forefront of the music space is his signature sound and his unique music sense, which is evident through the music he creates, something that can make people groove while at the same time can connect with them deeply.


Apart from music, he loves everything about cars and is manifesting to buy his dream cars soon. In terms of musical projects, he has so much in the pipeline right now, he says, and is looking forward to releasing his new songs Slide and Swish soon.

Do follow him on Instagram @shellydecibels for more updates on his music.

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