Singer Aadiz Imran and Actor Kabir Khan made Bande Badmash a worldwide sensation

Singer Aadiz Imran and Actor Kabir Khan made Bande Badmash a worldwide sensation

When you find your alter ego, then the world seems to change its definition of the work process. Friendship brings such pleasure of comfort zone that work becomes hassle-free, and success comes through an easier path. Singer Aadiz Imran and Actor Kabir Khan became the famous duo in Rajasthan Film Industry within a short time span.

The life of Singer Aadiz Imran and Actor Kabir Khan is not similar at all. They belonged to other backgrounds, but they are likeminded people, and this alter ego factor did the actual magic in this beautiful and successful friendship of Actor and singer.

Divya Dewan, Fam Boy Sameer, Singer Aadiz Imran, and Actor Kabir Khan made a music album named Bande Badmsh, and they became famous for this project. Gradually people started to call them Bande Badmash. This music album was released on approximately 250 music platforms, a rare incident in Rajasthan Film Industry.

Singer Aadiz Imran and Actor Kabir Khan are not childhood friends. Singer Aadiz Imran was the director of a music album then Actor Kabir Khan met with him. Aadiz Imran wrote the song, and Fam Boy Sameer gave his voice to the song. Singer Aadiz Imran and Actor Kabir Khan started their journey from this phase. They have been continuing the process until now. Together this duo has done various music album projects and brought success. 

Singer Aadiz Imran was born on 1st April 1993 in Udaipur, Rajasthan, in a middle-class family. He completed his schooling at Shri Jawahar Jain High School. After that, he completed his degree (Bachelor of Arts) from Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. 

Actor Kabir Khan was born on 12th August 1993 in Rajsamand, Rajasthan. He belongs to a Muslim middle-class family. Kabir Khan’s father is Sayyed Yunus Ali. The actual name of Actor Kabir Khan is Saiyad Ajalan, but during the promotional work for his first film, he became more famous by the name Kabir Khan. He completed his studies at Ameth High Secondary School. After that, he got admitted to the Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. 

Singer Aadiz Imran and Actor Kabir Khan did not start their journey as a professional singer and actor respectively. Singer Aadiz Imran studied medicine to make his father’s dream come true, and he also practiced for several years in the hospitals of Udaipur. Actor Kabir Khan was a state-level famous cricketer of Rajasthan. But the monetary issue led him in sacrificing his studies as well as the dream to become a successful cricketer.

In 2016, Actor Kabir Khan got a chance to meet with the film director Aadiz Imran. Kabir Khan’s acting skills, creativity, and determination impressed Aadiz Imran. After this meeting, Actor Kabir Khan utilized the opportunity to showcase his talent in a horror film.

In 2017 Singer Aadiz Imran created the film “The real story of Kabir” with the collaboration of Ocean Music record. It was the first horror film in Rajasthan Film Industry, and received a huge positive response from the audience. After this achievement, the film director Singer Aadiz Imran and the actor Kabir Ali Khan, Fam boy Sameer, and Divya Dewan became famous overnight.

From that success till now, all of them have worked together on many projects written by Aadiz Imran, and Fam Boy Sameer sang, and also Divya DEwan and Kabir Ali Khan did the shooting. The projects which they did together included songs like Surat and Bande Badmash.

Singer Aadiz Imran is dedicating a song to the Rajasthan Police. Divya Dewan, Singer Aadiz Imran, and Actor Kabir Khan, along with IPS Dinesh M. N. and other police officers, will be working in this song Aya Sawan Jhoom Kar. 

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