Sollarmint is a digital creative monetization and exposure platform.

Sollarmint is a newcomer to the worlds of information technology and blockchain technology looking to break into the NFT sector.

To accomplish so, they are actively constructing an NFT marketplace. Sollarmint’s marketplace aims to assist student creatives in gaining attention and monetizing their work. Sollarmint also hopes to build a marketplace for skilled digital artists to sell their work. The types of works can range from artwork to music to collectibles, and can extend to domain names, virtual worlds, and virtual fashion. With this project, the possibilities are unlimited.

The platform is bringing heat to an area that is currently hotly fought and replete with innovation. Sollarmint will launch its platform with a low commission rate of 2% for platform transactions.

Sollarmint is more than just a marketplace for NFTs; they are also creators. They are passionate about this field and have been motivated to create their own NFT pieces as a result. They’ve made 14 different collections of lovely digital art, which they’re currently selling on the Opensea marketplace through their Sollarmint1 account.

Some of the items are literally out of this planet in terms of creative beauty. Everyone will find something to their liking. There are both 2D and 3D parts available, so you may choose which you like. There are approximately 60,000 pieces of creative artwork available for purchase across 14 collections. This artwork includes 3D Ogre, 3D merman, and 3D extraterrestrial designs, as well as 2D zombies and manga characters. The artwork is fantastic and wonderful. If you’re on Opensea, you should absolutely look into these collections.

Sollarmint is also gearing up for the introduction of a brand-new cryptocurrency coin. This token’s name is LLARS, and its symbol is $LLARS.

The LLARS token standard is based on the ERC20 protocol. When a token is generated and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, it is scripted using the ERC20 standard. The token is deflationary in nature; the supply of this sort of token reduces as a result of a burn feature. The token’s supply will be burned at a rate of 0.25 % per year.

Sollarmint is concentrating on the creation and launch of their NFT marketplace at the moment. The LLARS token will be accepted on their NFT exchange. The cryptocurrency will be used as a governance token to begin with. It allows the Sollarmints community to vote on or create new market-related decisions. In the future, adding a new utility to the token is a possibility.

The LLARS are received through a method built into the marketplace’s design. The token is distributed to both sides of marketplace transactions as an incentive. This means that both buyers and sellers will be rewarded with the token. The uniswap cryptocurrency exchange can also be used to purchase LLARS.

LLARS is actively planning for its token’s initial coin offering (ICO), which will take place on May 1, 2022. They will produce a whitepaper on March 30, 2022, prior to this release. This whitepaper will give readers additional information about the token, such as the tokenomics, roadmap, and vision.

Follow sollarmint on Twitter and Instagram, and join the discord channel to stay up to current on the project.

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