Spiralling his way to the top in the music industry with massive hits is YngSolomon.

Spiralling his way to the top in the music industry with massive hits is YngSolomon.

Spreading his magic across the music industry, YngSolomon who exudes sheer talent, brilliance, and passion.

Glance the journey of a music artist YngSolomon who is ruling the heart of the millions of audiences with his pro music craft and the mesmerising voice. His music art has even created a lot of buzz in the industry and firming his unique place by growing each day with his skills and creative music art. The rap and pop artist hailing from Santa Rosa, California. Music is his passion, he worked even in the lock downs ignited the north bay music scene 2020. He hosted 24 live music events between July 2020 to August 2021. This enhances his knowledge and expertise in music. His last event for featured with Zion-I & The Grouch with DJ Fresh, B-Legit, RBL Posse and Pato Banton.

From 2021 he started releasing his own singles from his solo EP like – On Top, All Around the World, Moonlight, Head Up, Song Goes out To, Doin Better and his latest release – Hardaway. These all songs are blockbuster hit. YngSolomon achieved his dream by performing 111 times. Bravo! The consistent hard work and creativity garnered him incredible success. He also gives credits of his success to his Buddhist Practice for building an artist inside him and gave confidence to pursue his dream. The artist has built his own aura of music which has mesmerised the audiences and the massive fans and followers on the social domain.

The artist is exploring utmost globally for his music art, soulful voice and for his catchy hooks and uplifting flow, which are influences by his favourite artist Wiz Khalifa, Post Malone, Kanye West and Linkin Park. YngSolomon’s rhythm sense and music creation definitely tap the listeners feet. The love and support of his massive fans and audiences inspired him to work harder and more creative in his future project.

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