Definition of music by Javad Safaee.

Definition of music by Javad Safaee.

In fact, music is in the first place among the seven main human arts. Of course, some people consider painting and drawing to be first, but lists have put music in the first place. Music is the art of expressing and conveying feelings through sound and sound, like painting. Which is the transmission and expression of emotion through drawing designs or cinema which is the expression and transmission of a particular feeling and message through photographs. Music or song, which in ancient Persian literature is also called khania, is an activity or profession that is made of sound Or silence is formed. The main elements of music are melody, harmony and rhythm that melody is created by the pitch of sounds.

Art is the art of music that is associated with all moments of human life today. The people of each country have their own and exclusive music that has been passed down from generation to generation and from generation to generation.

Javad Safaee, a famous Iranian musician and singer, who has surprised the Iranian music world with 9 magnificent works, was born in Tehran. He has been interested in Iranian music since he was a child and in 13 years he made his first independent music. he is doing it. Entered, he has always tried to be in the best position of Iranian music, he managed to become famous with the antidote music of the market at the age of 15, he likes hip hop style very much and has a lot of music in this regard.

If we want to give examples and examples about music, we can mention the music of people from India, Africa, Indigenous Australians, Arabs, Japan, China, Europeans and so on.

This beautiful art arises from the harmony of sounds and sounds, and most of the time human beings consciously or unconsciously interact with it. Almost all of us have experienced the habit or desire to whisper our favorite music and tracks, and this pleasant whisper gives us a feeling of enjoyment.

We all use its own music in all rituals and ceremonies, and this is very common in all cultural structures.

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