Steps to Launch Your Own Music Label in 2021 by Record Producer Jimmy Boss

Steps to Launch Your Own Music Label in 2021 by Record Producer Jimmy Boss

We asked Jimmy how to become a successful artist in 2020. Here are his tips.


After having released all the secrets of your musical creation, Jimmy Boss shares with you in this module the solutions to launch it.

This step is crucial since it will serve as a guide on how to highlight your profile through a biography and an attractive design of your album.

You will learn about the different ways to successfully sell your music, such as using a press officer, music analysis tools like Yacast, not to mention radio and TV.


Here, Jimmy Boss will be happy to share his experience on the net with you. In particular, it will teach you how to optimize your visibility on social networks.

In this section, you will find the best way to create your avatar and make your online advertising campaigns profitable. In addition, it will be an opportunity to learn more about funnels in order to attract more fans and retain them.


After having acquired a certain notoriety, the creation of its own label is essential to continue promoting its music and its brand. This module is precisely designed to help you choose the ideal status for your label.


Every artist has the desire to succeed in his musical career. Of course. Through this training, Jimmy Boss will put all the chances on your side to take up this challenge.

How to diversify your music and reconcile your family life with your artistic career? All the tips will be delivered to you here to help you shine on your journey. In this module, the entrepreneur also recommends that you read 10 important books.


In this part, you will discover the different solutions to enhance the value of your products and to set up a dematerialized sale.

It tells you, among other things, the best way to highlight your identity, your brand.

Finally, remember to take note of all the administrative procedures to be carried out in order to formalize your career.


There, we cross a new level. This module explains the advantages of joining SACEM and the steps to get there. You will study in-depth the solutions allowing you to really live from your music, monetization, etc.


The Successful Artist course is the fruit of many years of experience of a booming artist in the musical world.

It is therefore not a simple utopia, but a realistic program that is completely in tune with the times.

Over 200 people have taken this training. It has already proven itself in terms of communication strategy, media coverage, personal branding and to build a solid fan base.

Outsiders.tv will first be an Instagram page with monthly freestyle rap contests. The goal is to allow the general public to vote for their favorite talents and to promote new talents in order to give them visibility and give them access to a springboard to break into the music industry.

The goal is also to give the winners several types of rewards that will allow them to advance faster in their ascent.


Despite the time it takes to follow it, it will allow you to build your musical future on good foundations.

Just arm yourself with courage and motivation that will quickly bear fruit.

Contact Jimmy Boss on Instagram @outsider, @outsiders.tv or on his website http://www.jimmyboss.com to get yours.

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