Stevee. D Making Sure You Get Hooked To His Debut Single “We Go Up (Remix)

Stevee. D Making Sure You Get Hooked To His Debut Single “We Go Up (Remix)

The music video for the up-and-coming artist Stevee’s song D’s “We Go Up (Remix)” was filmed at the renowned Cosmopolitan hotel in the center of the Las Vegas Strip. Both Stevee.D and TheRecipeWorldwide were in charge of the direction. His flow and creative style have drawn the attention of some famous DJs and artists.

After 2017, Stevee.D took a five-year hiatus from the music business. Prior to that, he had worked with rapper Fatt on a song. Fatt is currently on the rise with his new music video “All Dat Ass (Widdit),” which has nearly a million views. The song (A Lot On My Mind [2017]), which was engineered and mixed by rhythm producer Baby Winsch, best known for his work on Lil Pump’s hit song “Drug Addicts,” was recorded by them both in their hometown of Raleigh-Durham.

An album by Stevee.D is currently being worked on, and it will likely be released at the end of 2022. He reacted, “I get my inspiration from all types of up-and-coming artists; I’m always rooting for the underdog, and this is what actually inspired me to do the ‘We Go Up Remix.'” When asked who most inspired him, he said, “I’m always rooting for the underdog. Someone else doing the remix that I heard inspired me.The song was written in two hours, spent two hours in the studio being recorded, and was well received by everyone, so I published it the following day! It motivated me to compose an album I’m presently working on called “No Time For Friends,” which I can’t wait for everyone to hear. I figured if I could achieve this in such a short amount of time, what could I do if I actually spent more time into this.

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