Taking over the world of music as a true-blue DJ and Music Producer is Vikash Kaser

Taking over the world of music as a true-blue DJ and Music Producer is Vikash Kaser

He believes that patience, having the right focus, and time management is crucial for budding musical talents in the industry.

To dream about something is one thing, to believe in those dreams is another thing and to make necessary efforts to turn those dreams into a beautiful reality is a different thing altogether. To reach this level where individuals can become action-takers rather than only dreamers is no walk in the park. It comes along with various hurdles and obstacles in their path; however, if they are determined enough to carve their success story, nothing or no one can stop them from achieving what their heart seeks, explains Vikash Kaser, who did the same and instead of getting into his family business, believed in his dreams to become a DJ and Music Producer and even created a successful career for himself in the same. Today, he is known as one of the busiest DJs in India and is looked upon by many aspiring DJs and producers.

Talking about his journey, Vikash Kaser says, “Of course, it has not been a rosy road for me, but no one ever told us that success could be achieved overnight. I always knew where I was heading, even after being aware of the competition I would face. However, I only saw the bigger picture, where I could imagine myself playing in front of thousands of people and making them dance to my tunes. This feeling, which I would never be able to express in words, has what brought me to where I am today.”

Talking about generating new ideas as a DJ and Music Producer, Vikash Kaser says that he is quite receptive to things going around him and his brain is always at work. So anything and everything gives him ideas. He feels that his music and DJing skills have connected people deeply. He has gained great knowledge and understanding about the moods of people and has attained excellence in playing music that people could vibe to.

Vikash Kaser highlights that performing in a packed house and crowd going crazy for his personal remixes has always given him a different kind of high and satisfaction, for which he has lived by and has gained constant motivation from. He plans to grow in his career by curating more awesome music while also choosing to learn something new each day in the field with the aim to become his best version as a DJ and Music Producer.

To find out more, follow him on Instagram @vikashkaser.

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