Tara Moheb’s opinion about the future career of business economics

Tara Moheb’s opinion about the future career of business economics

(What is the labor market and career future of economics in Iran?)

It is natural that applicants in the field of economics, like any other field, want to get information about the labor market situation and the future career of the field of economics.

First of all, let’s face the fact that if you expect to shine in the job market just by earning a bachelor’s degree or have good job opportunities, it’s better to give up.

The reason is that undergraduate students only take basic courses and get some superficial acquaintance.

However, if you continue your studies and get a master’s and doctoral degree, you can work in cases such as insurance expert, purchasing and procurement manager, financial manager, market research expert, researcher, ministries, financial analyst, sales manager, customs expert, marketing manager,  Have a bank teller, a tax expert, a marketing expert, and a career in economics bright for them.

It is recommended that you choose a field knowing the nature of these jobs.

(The best countries to study to study economics according to Tara Moheb)

There are many foreign universities abroad that offer economics and have a very good academic level.  Especially in developed countries where economic issues and growth are very important to them, the future of employment and study abroad in economics will be better.  The best countries in the world in the field of economics are:

United States: Ranked first in the admission and application of economics students.  Applicants can pursue this course at any level of study in the United States.  The language of instruction will be English and the top universities are Harvard, California, Stanford and Chicago.  The career prospects of economics are very bright for the graduates of these universities.

England: In this country, economics is as important as medicine and they are on the same level.  The language of instruction in this country is also English.  Its most famous host universities are the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and the University of Columbia.  Of course, for applicants, the IELTS score of applicants should not be less than 7.

Canada: The third most powerful country in the field of science and labor market in the field of economics.  The University of Toronto has a very good position in economics.

Italy: One of the most important features of education in this country is the very good quality of education and at the same time the low cost of education.  The universities of Bologna and Buconi are very good options for studying and the income of economics in this country is good.

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