Tarun Rao: A boy who can win anyone’s heart through his melodious music

Tarun Rao: A boy who can win anyone’s heart through his melodious music

Music is important in everyone’s life But there are very few who consider their passion as their life. Today I am going to tell you about such a person who always follows his profession. The name of the person I am talking about is Tarun Rao and his father’s name is Sukhram Rao who lives in Revari, Haryana.

He is just 17 years old and he has stepped into singing since he was 15 years old. They believe that voice is not necessary for every singer, if you sing anything from the heart, then it will be very melodious. It is very dedicated since childhood to follow his passion and his parents are also standing with him.

They know very well that without working hard they cannot make their identity in this world that’s why he has also created his own YouTube channel called The Royals. YouTube is a platform that has helped every hardworking person has helped to build his own identity. His first song was uploaded on YouTube, which was done by the very famous channel called The Royal Music Factory.

He is so serious about his work that he is working on his own day by day, wants to make his YouTube channel a new identity as soon as possible. Tarun says that God is not a gifted singer, in this world everyone can sing well, but you should have love and respect for them.

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