The Apple Watch Series 8 is $50 off in front of Black Friday

The Apple Watch Series 8 is $50 off in front of Black Friday


At just $349, this is the least cost we’ve seen on the Apple Watch Series 8. It’s gone this low previously, however it never stays on sale for long. In the event that you’ve been thinking about upgrading or getting your first Apple Watch, this present time may be a decent opportunity to continue on it.

Both the 45mm and 41mm sizes are $50 off, and the deal applies to the midnight, red and silver case colors. The starlight case is as yet regular price as of this writing. This is the GPS model, without cellular connectivity, so you’ll require your phone around to make calls and texts, however with its built-in capabilities, the watch can in any case track runs, play music and check your heart rate in the event that you abandon your phone.

The Apple Watch is our current favorite smartwach in general, as a vigorous wearable balances action and health tracking a lot of lifestyle and connectivity features, for example, staying aware of podcasts or keeping steady over your calendar. Furthermore, obviously, on the off chance that you’re an iPhone client, including an Apple Watch with the mix is a no-brainer.

At the point when we tested out the Series 8 upon its debut, we enjoyed the extended battery life, fast charging and a low power mode that crushed out an additional two hours of purpose after the watch got down to 20 percent. New for the Series 8 are temperature readings (which can assist with track ovulation) as well as crash detection. While the look is really unchanged from the Series 7, that is not really something terrible, especially assuming you need that famous, square Apple Watch look.

Eventually, we named the Apple Watch Series 8 the “new best smartwatch,” with our analyst choosing to involve it as her essential smartwatch. Be that as it may, similar to we said, this $50-off bargain doesn’t will more often than not stay close by lengthy, so you should get it now.

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