Austin Rotter Gives Out 7 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Business Organically

Austin Rotter Gives Out 7 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Business Organically

LinkedIn is a popular B2B channel for businesses and startups for generating leads. Austin Rotter, the professional media strategist talks about proven LinkedIn marketing hacks that can help businesses grow organically.

LinkedIn is a popular social media channel for professionals, startups, and large enterprises. The B2B platform not only increases brand awareness but also helps you generate quality leads. With a good LinkedIn marketing strategy, businesses can greatly boost their leads and increase revenues. However, they often get confused about whether the platform is ideal for their growth.

In truth, LinkedIn is one of the most popular B2B platforms for marketers right now. With more than 875 million users, the platform has a presence in 200 countries across the globe. Austin Rotter, the renowned PR professional and media strategist has discussed a few marketing hacks to capture this huge audience.

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Below are 7 LinkedIn marketing hacks that can h1elp you grow your business organically on this platform.

Claim Your Custom URL

Assuming you already have a company page, claiming your custom URL should be your first move. This will help you secure your brand identity and make your business look professional. Managing your LinkedIn URL is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Prospects often search businesses online before a meeting or making decisions. People tend to search on Google and you can engage them with your business website and LinkedIn page. Since they want to know or learn more about you, they are more likely to click on your custom LinkedIn page. Also, having a custom URL will help you rank at the top and you can easily beat other businesses with similar names.

Improve Your Company Page

After claiming the custom business URL, the next step is to improve your company page. Make sure your LinkedIn profile or page is always updated and matches your brand identity. This includes adding your website URL, a professional logo, and an eye-catching banner. Instead of sharing static information, update or review information on your company at least once a month.

Above all, ensure your summary section represents your business values and speaks to your target audience. LinkedIn allows businesses to use 2,000 characters so choose your content wisely. Your goal should be to introduce your businesses in first-person and tell how your services or products can help your customers.

Post Quality Content

Arguably, the most important part of a LinkedIn marketing strategy is content posting. This is where LinkedIn differs from other popular social media platforms. There is a high demand for quality content on LinkedIn as the community appreciates valuable insights.

So before you start working on LinkedIn, make sure your content serves two goals. First, your content is informative and it is either solving a problem or teaching newbies how to improve their work. Second, your posts should establish you as an industry thought leader. This way you will be able to gain followers and capture leads more quickly.

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Give a Face to Your Employees

Nothing makes a business more authentic on LinkedIn than its employees. So, if you have employees, make sure they add your business to their LinkedIn profiles. You can also ask partners and contractors to add you to their profiles.

In case your staff doesn’t know much about the platform, educate them. The best way is to organize a “LinkedIn Day” at your business to guide your employees about the platform. Capture their profile photos and help them set up their LinkedIn accounts.

Create LinkedIn Groups

Most businesses don’t consider creating groups on LinkedIn but it’s the secret ingredient to your success. By creating a group, you can build a fan base and can turn them into loyal customers. You can also join relevant groups where your ideal audience is present. Your goal should be to find high-value prospects by filtering the list. You can then invite them to like your business page or join your own group.

Businesses often use this tactic to steal prospects and compile high-value email lists. You can share valuable content with these people and address their pinpoints to sell your services or products.

Connect to Build Relationships

Most businesses think of LinkedIn as a lead-generating tool which is true. However, they often forget that the audience present on this platform consists of professionals and experts. They don’t like to be treated as consumers and want to make the most out of the platform. Since most LinkedIn users are there to learn, posting valuable content is your way forward.

Instead of pitching your services, send them connection requests and try to build relationships. This can be done by offering valuable content and sharing posts with detailed industry insights. You have to nurture your connections before turning them into leads and buyers.

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Takeaway Words

LinkedIn is a powerful B2B tool to find the right audience and market your business. By setting up a professional company page and posting high-quality content, you can gain some momentum. The PR professional, Austin Rotter suggests businesses create groups and prefer building relationships on LinkedIn. Provide details about yourself so customers can understand your business and valuable content that can establish you as a thought leader.

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