The best smartphone with a camera in 2023, according to MKBHD, is the iPhone 15 Pro

The best smartphone with a camera in 2023, according to MKBHD, is the iPhone 15 Pro

The yearly Smartphone Awards, presented by MKBHD, are back, selecting the top smartphones across a range of categories. This year, Apple’s smartphone won in two categories, including best smartphone camera, while the iPhone only took home one award the year before.

Smartphone Awards 2023 from MKBHD

Only a few differences exist between the categories this year and those from last. Foldable phone and best-improved phone categories have been added. The 2023 MKBHD Smartphone Awards will be divided into the following categories:

The Greatest Large Phone
Top Small Phone
Top Camera
Best Cost
Top Battery
Top Design
Top Folding
Best Enhanced
Year’s Biggest Bust
Top Picks for the Year

Whichever had the best camera and battery was the iPhone

As previously stated, the iPhone took first place in two categories at the MKBHD awards this year: best smartphone battery and best camera. Regarding the camera, MKBHD has determined that the iPhone 15 Pro is the best device in this category.

Although there are smartphones that take better pictures than the iPhone, particularly when zoomed in, the YouTuber that the iPhone is still the greatest camera for taking videos. The new video features of the iPhone 15 Pro, like the ability to record in ProRes Log and store everything straight to an external SSD, are highly praised by him, as well as the cameras’ consistency.

The iPhone 15 Plus was the winner in the category of Best Battery, not the iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max. It outperforms the Pro models in this regard because of its 60Hz display’s lower power consumption. The iPhone 15 Plus, according to MKBHD, is perfect for those looking for a “risk-free, no-brainer” phone that they can use without being plugged in all day.

The Greatest Large Phone

It should come as no surprise that Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra was named Best Large Phone by MKBHD, as the S22 Ultra took first place in the same category the previous year. The YouTuber emphasizes the device’s enormous 6.8-inch screen, excellent battery life, cutting-edge camera system, and S Pen that comes with it.

The Greatest Mini Phone

It was the iPhone mini that helped Apple win this category a few years ago. Now that the mini is no longer available, the Best Small Phone award goes to the Asus Zenfone 10. Though not incredibly small by today’s standards, the Zenfone 10’s 5.8-inch screen is still small. For individuals seeking smaller phones, the more compact form factor is paired with appropriate hardware.

Honorable mention was given to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5, a device that can be folded into an incredibly small form factor and contains high-end hardware.

Best Cost

This time, Samsung’s Galaxy A54 was selected for the MKBHD Smartphone Awards 2023’s Best Value category. This phone, which retails for less than $400, is praised for striking a good balance between having all the features you need and staying affordable. In this category, Google’s Pixel 7A received an honorable mention.

Year’s Best Phone

The Google Pixel 8 took home the primary prize, Phone of the Year. It is now $100 more expensive than its predecessor, but it has many intriguing software features and a much better display. Google also guarantees the Google Pixel 8 will receive software updates for seven years. For impact, price, stepping it up, and being a really good phone, it’s a “well-rounded package.”

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