The Challenges MK Financial LLC Faced and How the Company Overcame Them

The Challenges MK Financial LLC Faced and How the Company Overcame Them

MK Financial LLC did not face any challenges when it launched officially in January 2021. They are happy to say they built their company 1 brick at a time and, since they actually care about every single one of their students, they know how many they can handle monthly. 

MK Financial LLC provides a 100% free webinar that will teach working-class professionals how to day trade like the top 10%, without a complicated strategy or any technical indicators, even if they are a beginner.

With the addition of having other coaches alongside Maurice to provide coaching every month, they only accept 50 students for 1-on-1 coaching, and the demand has become so high they have a long waitlist of students excited to join. For group coaching, they only accept 30 people per month, so they have positioned this potential challenge as a strength by branding themselves as an exclusive brand that does not accept everyone 

They have overcome their challenges by hiring additional coaches to keep up with the demand of students across the US, implementing a waitlist, and no longer accepting everyone since they have strict requirements that people must match in order to pass their interview process. 

That is why they do 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching to this day, which shows that they really care about every single one of their students deep down.

Day Trading is part technical analysis, but ultimately they have found that trader psychology is more important. So if someone psychologically cannot handle the stress of trading, has an overly busy life at the time, does not have the disposable income for trading, etc., they will not be able to accept that person in order to protect them from losing money in the market. Plus, since they are trying to create people into becoming consistently profitable day traders, if applicants don’t have those aspects down, then they just are not ready for trading. 

After that, they will begin launching in-person events for successful students so they can help them reach their goal of making $100,000 through day trading.

They have developed a 2-month long service that will mentor every single person individually to give them the needed attention so they can become a successful day trader.

You learn more about Maurice Kenny and his company, MK Financial LLC, at their website: 

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