The Cost Of An Electric Two-Wheeler Kit From Uno Minda Group Has Increased To Rs 35,000

The Cost Of An Electric Two-Wheeler Kit From Uno Minda Group Has Increased To Rs 35,000

The Gurugram-settled Uno Minda Gathering, which appointed two EV parts plants in Haryana last month, has seen its unit an incentive for electric bikes leap to Rs 35,000 for each vehicle. On-board chargers, DC-DC convertors, and battery management systems (BMS) are among the EV-specific parts that the company claims to have one of the industry’s largest catalogs for electric two- and three-wheelers.

In a selective cooperation with Autocar Proficient, Sunil Bohra, CFO, Uno Minda Gathering, said, “Over the most recent four years, our pack esteem in the economy ICE bike classification has developed from around Rs 6,200 to Rs 10,600 for each vehicle, and this is just in view of the parts which are normal to both ICE and EVs. On top of it, we have additionally assembled our EV unit esteem profile of nearly Rs 35,000, and in this manner, our EV pack an incentive for the electric bike section today is just multiple times that of our ICE business.”

Uno Minda presented its electric two-wheeler technology demonstrator at the Auto Expo Components Show 2023. It included a variety of in-house developed solutions as well as some purchased parts for the e-two-wheeler market. The organization says it has been acknowledging more prominent accentuation to foster its EV portfolio throughout the course of recent years. ” “We have come to offer almost an entire range of parts for an electric two-wheeler, right from the drivetrain to switches, lighting, instrumentation, and telematics,” Bohra added. “We have been putting enormous efforts into the research and development of our EV portfolio.

In August 2023, the Uno Minda Group commissioned two new manufacturing plants in Haryana under its respective joint ventures with FRIWO and Beuhler Motor. During the first quarter of FY2024, the Uno Minda Group received new orders for EV systems worth Rs 600 crore. Motor Control Units (MCUs), on- and off-board chargers, and DC-DC converters are already being supplied by its FRIWO JV facility in Farukhnagar, Haryana; however, the second plant is scheduled to become SOP in the third quarter of FY24.

Traction and BLDC motors for electric two- and three-wheelers will be manufactured at the joint venture facility of Uno Minda Beuhler Motor in Bawal, Haryana. The Uno Minda Gathering is focusing on a joined income of Rs 1,500 crore from EV frameworks by FY2026.

Bohra says that despite the Group’s average R&D spending of 3-4 percent of revenue, the company can’t choose whether to invest in new or old products. Even though EV-specific components present growth opportunities, we must maintain our solid foundation. The premiumisation pattern in the market is additionally major areas of strength for acquiring our inheritance items like Drove lights, and combination wheels, and consequently, our capex is spread across our product offerings and advancements,” he said.

We will continue to serve customers in the EV and ICE markets. “Our performance in Q1 FY24 clearly demonstrates that our aim is to grow continuously and sustainably by 1.5x of the market,” Bohra said in his closing statement.

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