The fall of the global economy and Gutemberg Dos Santos is the man who understands it the best.

The fall of the global economy and Gutemberg Dos Santos is the man who understands it the best.

The IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) foresees a profound crisis due to the coronavirus worldwide, the worst because of the Great Depression of the 1930s. This has brought a lot of companies and individuals to think outdoor the field and reinvent their finances. 

Gutemberg Dos Santos, a Technological entrepreneur from the crypto industry, has been pro-actively coming alongside the marketers to assist them in those unfavorable economic conditions.

‘In my financial career, I have seen huge bubbles bursting with humans having no idea approximately the outcome. Usually, while there’s a recession, humans won’t understand for positive that they’re living in a recession until a big economic group informs them with statistics’ – Gutemberg.

It isn’t the first time while Gutemberg has come ahead to assist humans. He has been contributing closer to society in view that 2009 when he created his track report of consulting many mid-cap companies and efficaciously controlled the falling numbers (because of 2008 crash), mainly in Brazil, in collaboration with enterprise leaders.

Gutemberg believes in the idea that it is not skills that make you, but rather what you do with them that will really matters. That is why he devotes many of his efforts in teaching people how to become better businessmen and women throughout all the channels he can. He has several podcasts, youtube channel, social media accounts and also participates in many events where he enjoys teaching people new techniques to apply to their everyday life in order to succeed in business. 

About Gutemberg Dos Santos

Gutemberg Dos Santos is a top fintech advisor and motivational speaker from Brazil. He has spent his last 11 years advising fintech companies and is now working with government bodies and institutions closely for blockchain-powered initiatives. 

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