The First MySpace Profile Editor – Andrew Fashion, Entrepreneur

The First MySpace Profile Editor – Andrew Fashion, Entrepreneur

The year is 2005. Andrew Thompson has grown tired of the drudgery of education and school. He has never been one to be a part of anything unless the goal was making money. A natural salesman, Andrew was selling since the 6th grade. On a whim, he started a computer programming and web page design. He found MySpace.

MySpace at the time was in very much its infancy. People were very limited in their options for layouts and backgrounds. Thompson, by now very much into computers and programming, built the first MySpace editor,

His hard work paid off in short order. Thompson’s income jumped from approximately $200.00 a day to $2,000.00 a day within less than a month.

Ever the salesman and computer programmer, Thompson next discovered Bitcoin. He took an investment of around $10,000.00 and quickly turned it into 2.5 million. Bitcoin is volatile as a currency, so Thompson changed his focus. By now, the world of the smartphone and app was exploding. Thompson switched his programming focus from the web to app development.

He took classes in Apple’s programming language Swift. He found a partner, first one ever, and found a startup for an app called Evolve. He raised another 1.7 million dollars for the app, got into contact with Sommer Ray, the Instagram famous fitness expert, and promptly left the app team. It was not something he was comfortable doing.

Thompson struck out on his own. Today, he is working on his current passion, a new app called Gypsee. The purpose is deceptively simple – book a vacation adventure with friends. Arrive at the location with 100 percent of the hotel, activities and the rest covered. It will not matter where in the continental U.S. you and your friends live. Everyone will arrive on location within six hours of one another, set and ready to start the vacation adventure.

Thompson is currently living in Los Angeles and using his professional name Andrew Fashion, a throwback to his days of interest in fashion and fashion photography. He passes his days working on the app and spending plenty of time with his daughter, Sage.

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