The GAFM International Board of Standards on Education Certification Standards – CEO George Mentz Looks Back on the New Quality Standards from Council of Higher Education

The GAFM International Board of Standards on Education Certification Standards – CEO George Mentz Looks Back on the  New Quality Standards from Council of Higher Education

Certification and Skills Standards – Accreditation

In the 21 Century, many cultures are moving toward certification skills and standards as being worth more than a diploma or degree.

The GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ® had broken the mold, and we have been working with accredited business schools worldwide so that the world’s greatest schools can directly provide the education and assessment for certification and earning designations in specific fields of work and career.

This CHEA Council on Higher Education and Accreditation’s Quality Group and the IBS International Board of Standards Global Academy of Finance and Management  jointly signed the Memorandum on Education Standards in March 2016.  Looking back on this event, it was a monumental shift in certification standards and education policy in the USA.

Counselor George Mentz said, “We are a “Founding Charter Member Signatory” of the CHEA global standards which is a first for a Certification body to work direct with the CHEA” Council of Higher Education Accreditation Quality Group.

The GAFM accepts applications from students who: 1) Enroll in an accredited business school 2) Take the relevant courses toward a certification 3) Pass the courses and exams 4) Graduate from a business school 5) Have 3 years of experience.

Here are top Certification Programs offered by GAFM  through distribution partners.

  1. AFA Accredited Financial Analyst  ®
  2. CTEP ™ Chartered Trust and Estate Planner  ®
  3. AMA ™ Accredited Management Accountant  ®
  4. MPM Master Project Manager  ® 
  5. CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®
  6. CWM  ™ Chartered Wealth Manager ®
  7. CTEP Chartered Trust & Estate Planner ®
  8. MFP ™ Master Financial Planner ® 
  9. MMC Master Management Consultant   ® 
  10. CAM Chartered Asset Manager ™
  11. CCA ™ Chartered Compliance Analyst
  12. CPM ™ Chartered Portfolio Manager
  13. CEC ™  Certified E-Commerce Consultant ™ 
  14. CIPM ® Certified International Project Manager ®
  15. CMA ™ Chartered Marketing Analyst – Certification
  16. ChE Chartered Economist ®

To become an accredited provider of certification programs, please contact the Board of Standards directly.


About: The GAFM’s International Board of Standards & the GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ®   The IBS/GAFM  is an EU Accredited Certification Body that partners with accredited business schools and training companies to provide “Certification Programs”. The Board of Standards has 30+ Trademarked Certification Programs in Business, Finance, Economics, Banking, Compliance, Human Resources, and Project Management. IBS/GAFM is a  TUV Accredited and ISO 29990 Certified. The GAFM has agreements with the CHEA & ACBSP to accept exams & courses from 1000+ Accredited Business Schools and we work with greats such as Thomson Reuters and  Informa to provide certification programs. The GAFM has been a professional member of ICE, AACSB, ACBSP, IOQM, TUV, NBEA and many other educational bodies. Attorney George Mentz is a Doctor of Jurisprudence with an MBA and International Law Credentials along with various other governmental law licenses.


The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) is the premier USA Based  body of degree and diploma granting colleges and universities. The CHEA purpose is to provide national advocacy for self-regulation of academic quality through accreditation in order to certify the quality of  higher education accrediting organizations, including regional, private, career, and programmatic accrediting organizations. The organization has has approximately 3,000 academic institutions as members, and currently recognizes approximately 60 accrediting organizations.  CHEA is based in DC USA.

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