The Google Pixel 8 Update Features Timelapse Videos of Night Vision

The Google Pixel 8 Update Features Timelapse Videos of Night Vision

Some of the best smartphone cameras are already available with Google’s Pixel 8 series of smartphones. There are many light-gathering features available on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, and on the Pro model, a host of unique camera tools give users even greater control over their phone photos. The camera’s nighttime timelapse feature has been improved with a recent software update, giving it even more versatility.

According to GSM Arena and Android Authority, Google updated the Pixel Camera app on Pixel 8 series phones to version 9.2 as part of the December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop. This week, users should be able to update their apps by sideloading the Pixel Camera app or visiting the Google Play Store app.

The Night Sight Timelapse camera feature in the update enables longer nighttime videos. In the Night Sight mode, owners can record a five-minute 1080p video or a twenty-minute 4K video, each of which will produce a 10-second timelapse.

In addition to extending the recording durations, Google has improved the “Palm Timer” tool, which helps users take clear timelapse and long exposure photos. Owners of Pixel phones can now alter this setting. “Always on” or “Only when the timer is active” are the two settings available.

There’s also a switch in the Advanced Settings menu specifically for Ultra HDR photos. Thus, users won’t have to deal with as much hassle when turning off the Ultra HDR setting.

It’s encouraging to see that, despite the Pixel 8 Pro’s seemingly minor update, the recently added features bring the device closer to what Google had envisioned and promised when it first launched.

In its earlier review, PetaPixel declared that the Pixel 8 Pro had “Pixel’s best camera system ever,” and that the camera was made even better by the latest software update.

“The greatest low-light video on a smartphone camera” is what Google’s Isaac Reynolds promised PetaPixel in an interview about the Pixel 8 Pro’s Night Site utility. The performance and usage patterns of the newly introduced nighttime timelapse feature in Pixel 8 devices will be interesting to watch.

For those who desire a very powerful camera phone in their pockets, the update offers even more control. Along with the additional features already present in the Google Pixel 8 Pro, this update should be especially helpful to those who travel or require the freedom to produce high-quality content while on the go, even at night.

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