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The Little Dog with a Big Dream – Meet Money Pug, The UK’s New Favourite Pooch

The Little Dog with a Big Dream – Meet Money Pug, The UK’s New Favourite Pooch

The United Kingdom loves animals, with so many well-known family-friendly businesses sporting a cute animal as the face of the company. Now, there is a new dog in town and it comes in the form of Money Pug, a price comparison site that is changing the relationship between consumer and provider for the better.

When Lee Whitbread, the founder and CEO of Money Pug, decided it was time to start a new business with the vision of creating a family-friendly brand he knew that basing his venture around an animal would make for a strong and marketable start. Whitbread, himself an avid animal lover, decided on a pug because “the UK’s favourite animal is the dog and the pug is highly liked, due to its funny looks and caring personality.”

Money Pug’s values and ethos match exactly that of the small breed of dog, demonstrating its own caring nature by giving the power back to the consumer, as well as through Whitbread’s future plans for the business.

Future Support for Wide-Ranging Charities

The plan for Money Pug is to further adhere to the caring nature of the pug by showing support for charitable causes as the business grows into being one of the top players in its industry. Despite operating in such a highly competitive niche, the business has enjoyed great success since its inception in 2018 with a remarkable 100,000 unique visitors to the website, despite only really marketing the site through social media channels.

Money Pug’s success through social media is something that Whitbread is hugely proud of, believing this to be the highlight of the price comparison site’s journey so far. The reason behind this, in his own words, is “natural funny posts”, which has helped to grow the company’s “social media with reaches of around 10 million per week”.

Will We See More of the Money Pug?

The answer is yes, with the pug that adorns the website’s logo set to appear in television advertisements in the future. Naturally, as Money Pug continues to grow so, too, will the reach of the pug character which is set to play a huge role in the company’s marketing campaigns both now and in the future.

“I highly believe that it will be a success once in the future when we focus on TV ads around a Money Pug which will focus on a funny pug,” Whitbread commented on future plans for the company mascot. An animal representing a business is a formula that has long been successful with many characters becoming synonymous with the brands they featured for, including a meerkat that features for a certain other price comparison website.

What Separates Money Pug from the Rest?

Aside from the company’s unique approach to marketing, Money Pug does exactly what it says on the tin by saving its customers money on a wide range of products and services. From car insurance to mobile phones and holidays, users of the website benefit from an all-in-one service that presents data and prices in an easily digestible format. Registered and compliant with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), customers can utilise the service safe in the knowledge that both their data and money is secure which help to ease the concerns of many, especially with security being such a key issue.

With the interests of the customers at its heart, Money Pug more than lives up to the loveable and caring breed of dog it wants to portray. It won’t be long until this pooch is alongside other household canines such as Scooby Doo, Churchill and the Andrex puppy as instantly recognisable furry characters.

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