The Secret to Living a Successful Life: Hakeem White

The Secret to Living a Successful Life: Hakeem White

On the surface, Hakeem White seems like any ordinary millionaire – with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Florida, a strong social media presence, and a big portfolio of clients that revere him for his impeccable services.

But, this man’s journey to success wasn’t a cakewalk. At every possible milestone, he was hit by an obstacle. He had barely graduated from University and was rejected from all programs he applied to.

Soon, he moved home with nothing, except for a training business that he had started in college. He struggled hard for two whole years, and though he made the only 2k in his first year, and 6k in his second, he didn’t give up hope. 

Then, in 2018 Hakeem struck gold when he elevated his presence by designing online fitness videos. He became popular day by day and saw an increase in the number of clients. It was the business model used to launch the iPhone that inspired him to craft a similar version for online fitness.  

Today, Hakeem is living his dream life and has traveled across the world. In 2020, he earned his million! He trained his friends at the gym and was happy to see them succeed in their careers. He stated there were some important rules which he diligently follows to live a good life.

Hakeem strongly believes in keeping one’s life organized for an organized life will not fuel chaos and anxiety. It will keep most of the problems away. Happiness is just a transient mood.

He stated that balance is the most important component of all. Without balance he wouldn’t have been able to achieve the success he has gained today. It is necessary as we have to juggle many things at the same time. He believes in the implementation of ideas instead of just discussing them. One should be clear about their motive in life. A man who has planned ahead will always succeed. 

He believes in the notion of giving back to society from time to time. Hakeem has trained 1000 people to date and they all have benefited from his service. He provides free online training on business planning, and hopes to inspire them to succeed! 

Hakeem believes in setting an example for people. This helped him widen his friend circle and also helped him as an individual. He was and still is, highly appreciated by many when he started chasing and relentlessly working towards his goal. Today people consider him to be one of the best inspirations.

Hakeem follows the notion of “less is more”.He sticks to minimalism and buys only the things he needs, for example, he just owns a bed and a desk. He doesn’t own any extra furniture and wears the same black t-shirt every day. This lines up with his aspirations to advocate for sustainable development and he is trying to live in an eco-friendly way. He expresses that the clutter around you can create unwanted clutter in your mind.

He abides by the notion of execution and retention. Instead of reading multiple books, he believes in reading the same book multiple times. He hates watching the news as he feels that it spreads negativity which affects one’s surroundings, and hampers success.

Hakeem believes in envying others, as it might just start the drive within us to work towards our goals. Negative emotions can sometimes add to positive motives.

As a child, Hakeem was often bullied. Soon, he realized that running after others or thinking about how they would react, would only slow him down. Instead, he chose to work on himself, and do his best to climb the ladder of success.

Not only did he reach the highest rung, but became a name that people looked up to. The silver lining of a rough beginning was that it was the people who didn’t value him, who actually pushed him to do better in life.

Hakeem believes that nobody else is responsible for the loss or gain he experiences, other than himself. He is a perfectionist at heart, but he does live by the principle of loss being a part and parcel of everyone’s lives.

Hakeem’s little tips and tricks on his road to success are the need of the hour. He has added a lot of value to society by sharing his experience and knowledge on the road to becoming a successful millionaire. He came from humble beginnings, and will never forget his roots. He truly is an inspiration to everyone and someone to look up to, for those who are striving to write their own destiny.

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