The Top Model David Koch for Harper’s Baazar US

The Top Model David Koch for Harper’s Baazar US

Angelina Jolie was the cover girl in January edition 2020 where she was looking wow in the picture of Harper Baazar US magazine cover page.

After Edwina McCann, Kellie Hush is the chief editor from 2012 of Harper’s Bazaar USA, this magazine was founded in 1867 by Harper brothers. It was for women who are the first to buy the best from casual to couture. 

Harper Bazaar comes with monthly edition with top faces of models, actors, models and all. On Harper Bazaar, most of the face has been of the ladies are stylish and Icon of their generation. 

But with time passing we might see Male model faces too. Top International Models like David Koch are the perfect face for Harper Bazaar Magazine. 

David Koch, as we all know, is the most handsome man of the modelling world. He is a veteran of this field which always allure top magazine as face of their cover.

Yes, it is women friendly magazine, but Man to watches this chic magazine because it gives a good idea about fashion which is trending in the market. 

Harper Bazaar comes in many countries from north to south all the top countries are having Harper Bazaar magazine edition every month.

David Koch, as we all know, is a renowned name of the modelling world has been covered face for many magazines before, like GQ, Givenchy, Armani and many more in the past. We feel he is an ideal face for a top magazine like Harper Bazaar as it can represent male correctly with David Koch.

It will be exciting to see who will be the next Harper Bazaar cover page face. Will it be a girl or men, model, Actor, sportsperson or politician. Well, that time will tell but we if it is model than David Koch can be a face of Harper’s Bazaar.

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