‘The Trillion Dollar Team’ is more than just a social media page

‘The Trillion Dollar Team’ is more than just a social media page

Whats the best way to stay on track towards bringing your dreams to reality? As per available data and expert comments, it is anything which acts as a continuous or timely reminder of the goals. It ensures one stays motivated and takes away any chances of complacency. As per its founder, this is the idea behind the Instagram account ‘The Trillion Dollar Team’

This is a community page and posts pictures of lavish lifestyle which are nothing short of goals for everyone. These pictures usually include swanky cars, private jets, picturesque homes, limited edition watches, dream destinations, etc. The instagram handle for this account is @the.tdt

In a candid conversation, the founder of this page shared his idea behind starting this page. He said none of the pictures belong to him however are pictures he would like to click someday. Also, he believes that its better to post these at a community level on social media because all these pictures combined will inspire everyone assoociated with the account and shall bring positive reinforcement for everyone.

In a candid conversation he stated, “I hace started this community with a goal to remind like minded people of their goals on a daily basis. A personal collection of these pictures and wall photos would have been effective for me but why restrict the posutive vibes to myself when I can share them with everyone in the world. The pictures you see on this account do not belong to me and are handpicked from different sources and shared here for purely inspirational purposes. Most of the times, I receive great love from the owners of the actual photos as my posts appreciate their achievements and respect people for having a lifestyle that is a dream for millions of people.”

It is worth mentioning that such accounts have been loved by the masses and have found great success in the past as well. In early 2015, an internet community titled ‘Rich kids of snapchat’ based on a similar idea of one stop collection of all thats amazing gained immense success and has inspired various creators worldwide.

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