The truth about “Kim Yen Hang Thung” or “Nguyen Thi Kim Yen”

The truth about “Kim Yen Hang Thung” or “Nguyen Thi Kim Yen”

Nguyen Thi Kim Yen is a girl from Gia Lai Vietnam, Kim Yen is a famous businessman in the commodity business in Vietnam and was dubbed the King Kim Yen Hang Thung

Portrait photo of Nguyen Thi Kim Yen

Nguyen Thi Kim Yen started her business with a small capital in 2015, thanks to her intelligence and beauty, Kim Yen has built a huge container base after many years of hard work, with a large amount of goods and quality. Kim Yen has been the leading retailer in the container industry in Vietnam

At a meeting of young business people in Vietnam, Kim Yen gave an interview and was the focal point of that entrepreneur’s day, with a heartfelt sharing that made other business people admire first. talent of young girl Kim Yen although Yen is only 35 years old (1985)

 Kim Yen’s picture taken at Kim Yen’s warehouse

With a top-notch property, Nguyen Thi Kim Yen is married and Kim Yen and her family are very happy

image Nguyen Thi Kim Yen taken with her family

In addition, Nguyen Thi Kim Yen also often meets and exchanges ways to do business with friends of Kim Yen very friendly and fun.

with a career at the peak but Kim Yen has never refused to meet people in her free time, and Kim Yen also spends a lot of her time creating events to share business knowledge with everyone. free way. very admirable

 image Kim Yen with foreign friends

After the above content, we can see that Nguyen Thi Kim Yen is a very beautiful and talented girl, besides her sociable friendliness is also very noticeable, and Kim Yen also pays great attention to helping. support the development community!

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