“The Verse” Is Bringing Back Real Trap Music

“The Verse” Is Bringing Back Real Trap Music

The Verse is a rap star with a magical voice and an amazing style of conveying a message. He is a Canadian born Rapper that later moved to the US state, Georgia. At an early age, he finds himself surrounded in negativity. 

He started hanging out in the streets with his friends. Most of the time where you grow up is a testament to what you will become. This is often the case for many who grow up in high crime neighborhoods like The Verse. 

He was on track to remain in his situation but he caught a big break using his music to elevate him.After Constinently Making Melodies In His Head & Free-styling To Instrumentals He Found On Youtube. Verse decieed to make a big step in life.

Combined with his real life-his lyrics left a great impact on listeners. The Verse also has a solid work ethic when it comes to putting out music. Once he put his first mixtape he was locked in to pursue music full time. When asked about his first mixtape he said, “Since then, I knew there was no going back”. 

After this The Verse started taking things seriously even to the point of cutting off the bad influences. This allowed him to continue to focus on getting his message out and impacting his fans.When rap first began, rappers normally rapped about real-life issues and convey some message through their rap which served a purpose in their community. This video must bring something interesting and new that you have never seen before.

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Saurabh Singla

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