Thenitishnagar: An astute music producer delivering an array of hit songs.

<strong>Thenitishnagar: An astute music producer delivering an array of hit songs.</strong>

Having produced many colossal hits, Thenitishnagar impresses everyone with his passion and talent.

Music is a huge industry where massive artists perform. Music is an art and the artist portray it beautifully. Music has numerous versions like – Folk music, Rap, R&B, DJ and many more. Similarly, music industry has various artists who perform accordingly whether it is a singer, music producer or music director. To compose a complete track, all of these artists plays a vital role. The team work with only one vision that is to entertain millions of audiences and pour happiness in their lives. When we talk about music producer, they are the one who create the beat, rhythm and sounds that caters the soul in music track. Lets read about one music producer who has been acing his game on the music realm with sheer brilliance, talent, and passion- Thenitishnagar.

Thenitishnagar is one of the renowned personalities of music industry. Being an music producer, his music knowledge, experience and expertise has taken him to top the list of music producers around the world. His recent creation has enthrall the industry and audiences with his pro creativity and skills in the music tracks like – Wada, Love me, Jaan, Chad and Tanha. All of these tracks are mega blockbuster hits. Millions of listeners have acknowledged the unique music creation in the songs. The success of his tracks has boost his confidence and inspired to work harder even in the future to create unique and soulful music.

He has come across a long way. Always desired to work in artistic field and he polished his skills efficiently as a music producer. The determination, passion and consistency in his work as made him an successful and popular personality of music industry. Do listen to the songs that he has produced on Spotify @


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