Actor Yogesh dahiya is all excited about his new two tracks “Pranda and Birthday” with singer Raju punjabi

Actor Yogesh dahiya is all excited about his new two tracks “Pranda and Birthday” with singer Raju punjabi

Both the creative talents have joined hands to create something exceptionally entertaining and musically enriching for the audiences.

Over the years, no matter what struggles people face and the various challenges they fight along their journeys, one thing that always keep them bonded is music. Music is perhaps the only thing in the world that can enhance and enrich the souls of humans and all other living beings almost instantaneously, which is why more and more people wish to become a part of it and strive to create their name in the music space, either as singers, musicians, songwriters, producers, or artists. Recently, people were spellbound to know a new and refreshing collaboration between two incredibly talented souls; one is a superstar singer named Raju Punjabi, and the other is a rising model, influencer, and actor named Yogesh Dahiya.

Yogesh Dahiya hails from Sonipat, Haryana, while Raju Punjabi is a talent from Hisar haryana. Both these pure Indian talents have gone above and beyond to make strides in the entertainment sector and thus today are known as promising young talented beings in their own right. People can’t contain their excitement for the new songs, which is on its way called “Pranda and Birthday”sung by none other than Raju Punjabi and featuring, of course, Yogesh Dahiya. Apart from Yogesh Dahiya, the song also features the impeccable beauty and talent of Raveena Bishnoi. Both these actors have made sure to give in their best to showcase the perfect emotions and feelings on-screen, while Raju Punjabi too has ensured to do something different with this tracks and attract listeners’ and music lovers’ attention instantly.

Among the many songs that keep coming up to touch the highest ranks of the music charts, very few make it to the top, and looking at the buzz Pranda and Birthday, the upcoming songs is already creating; we are excited to see where it will reach on the music charts and how well it will do across different streaming platforms.

Yogesh Dahiya has already featured on various Haryanvi music videos like (4guthi,tera jikra,tere tikhe tikhe nain,thar,meri jaan,chandni chowk),is a fitness enthusiast, and has fascinated people with his skills as a fashion influencer, model and now an actor.

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