Tips on Planning the Best Hen Party on a Boat

Tips on Planning the Best Hen Party on a Boat

Has your best friend or sister asked you to be her maid of honour or a bridesmaid? If she has, then you have your work cut out for you. She may be planning a lot of things, but hosting a hen party is not one of them. As the second in command, it is your job to organize her best hen party ever. A boat hire Sydney Harbour is one way to make one of your girl’s merrymaking moments a night to remember. Imagine having a day or night out at Sydney Harbour, gliding past the iconic Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge while giving your best bud a great send-off to married bliss.

While your friend is mulling about getting married at St. Mary’s Cathedral or St. Philips Church at The Rocks, you should already be on tenterhooks about her hen party. The venue should be the least of your worries. Consider a boat hire in Sydney Harbour while you plan the other details.

Work with a budget

You and a group of friends will cough up the funds for this event. As part of the bridesmaid etiquette, you will not ask the bride for any financial help because it is your responsibility as the head honcho for the hen party. Plan everything to the last detail and work according to your budget. 

Invite everyone relevant to the bride-to-be

Remember that the guests are not confined to your circle of friends alone. You may know most people in her circle of friends. But some people may go solo to the event. You need to know and invite him or her no matter what happens. 

Be the mother hen of the party

While the bride-to-be is your guest of honour, you need to be concerned about the other guests as well because you are the host. There should be no shy ones before the festivities start. If there are a lot of guests, it is still your responsibility to talk to all of them. Should you need help, mobilize those close to you to include some of the unfamiliar ones in their conversations. 

Take care of transportation for the guests

Some of the party-goers may have their ride to the Harbour. But some may not be so lucky. Try to ensure that you have the power (and the budget) to transport some of the bride’s close friends to the venue. It will guarantee that there are no late comers or no-shows to the party.

Start with a “how-well-do-you-know-the-bride” activity

Almost all of the guests are close to the bride or the groom. You can break the ice by asking the guests to share a story that is personal to the bride-to-be and the guest. It should start the conversation between people, and maybe pull up some mingling action amongst the visitors.

To have or not to have strippers? 

Most modern hen parties do away with the nudes and the strippers. But as the host, it is your job to gauge what the bride and the guests want. Be wary about the activities if you invite some of her soon-to-be-in-laws. 

Have some games to spice up the party

Aside from the usual “advice to the bride” activity, have some games lined up as icebreakers. You can use these in place of the for-your-eyes-only “guests.” A “Mr. & Mrs Quiz” is the perfect challenge for the bride-to-be on how well she knows her soon-to-be better half. Prosecco or other dare games are great for both bride and the guests. Or if you aim for a wholesome match, go for Bridal Bingo. The possibilities are endless.

A boat party is a unique way to celebrate one of the last days of your best bud’s singlehood. A view of Sydney Harbour or the Coat Hanger as a backdrop for her hen party will be one of her most memorable days and something she will remember you by for the rest of her life. 

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