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TOP 10 Unique Things You Can Only Buy in Iceland

TOP 10 Unique Things You Can Only Buy in Iceland

Iceland is a very popular country for visiting. Of course, it has much to offer. People from all over the world come here to treat their souls and body. You don’t come back empty, meaning you always want to buy something interesting, something you can buy in Iceland only. You know, Iceland is not the most popular country for shopping. People usually come here to satisfy their tourist needs. They plan excursions, visit spas, geysers, and fascinating nature spots. But if you suddenly realized that you had forgotten to buy souvenirs for your friends and relatives, you can look through the list of popular Iceland souvenirs you can’t find somewhere else. But before…

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Icelandic Pullover


1. Buy Icelandic sweater

What do you know about the Icelandic wool sweaters? They are usually called lopapeysa and you can hardly find it somewhere else. Honestly, this is the best souvenir you can dream of. It is made of sheep wool, patterned and colorful. The variety of colors is amazing! What is more, the sweater will always warm you up in bad weather.

Where to find: Go to Geysir, Varma farmers markets.

2. Buy special nature condoms

You will be surprised to see them! Of course, there is nothing special inside the pack. But look at it! Each packing is decorated with Iceland’s nature views and fascinating sceneries. You can buy a condom with geysers, volcanoes, or sea views at it. What is more, you can find short information about one or another nature spot.

Where to find: You can find them in Reykjavik shops.

3. Buy Icelandic artworks

If you want to buy something from the local art, you can visit a gallery. Reykjavik galleries represent works of the most popular Icelandic artists. This is how you can buy a charming souvenir and invest some money into the local art.

Where to find: Visit Mokka Café and Port Verkefnarými in the downtown.

Joel's pix (Iceland etc) 166

4. Buy clothes

Of course, Reykjavik is not a fashion capital but you can always find many fashion boutiques here. This is where you can learn a true Icelandic fashion. The sweaters, dresses, pants are mostly bright, made of natural materials with numerous patterns.

Where to find: Never miss the KronKron store.

5. Buy troubadour’s poems

This old poetry book is really a unique piece of Icelandic culture. The poems are written in a special local manner you can’t find anywhere else.

Where to find: Go to Reykjavik downtown.

6. Buy unique lava rocks

It would be great to come back home with a piece of Iceland in the pocket. You know that Iceland is a country of volcanoes and canyons. You can find a small volcanic rock on the go or buy it in the souvenir shop. Also, you can find a beautiful sample of jewelry made of lava rocks.

Lava ball beach in Santorini

7. Wool Yarn

If you are good at knitting, you can buy some wool yarn from the local farms or specialized shops and take it home to knot a good sweater or socks when you will have free time. Handknitting is an old Icelandic tradition. You can learn more about it from the locals.

Where to find: Go to the supermarket or check out the Handknitting Association for a bigger choice.

8. Buy Icelandic tea

It is not a problem to taste some local tea during your trip. What is more, you will taste it often and almost everywhere to warm up. How does it taste? Oh, it has a strong herbal aroma and a subtle alpine taste. The Icelandic tea is a well-known treatment for different medical purposes.

Where to find: Go to the supermarkets, pharmacies, tea houses, shops.

Florte herbal tea

9. Buy Icelandic licorice

Have you ever heard about the taste of real Icelandic licorice? Oh, it is ambrosial. You can feel the taste of chocolate, ice cream, wafers, and even marzipans. It is impossible to find such a tasty delicacy anywhere else. Of course, the choice is big. You should try Gou Kulurwithmilk chocolate and never pass by Appolo licorice with marzipan.

Where to find: Go to specialized shops.

10. Buy herbal salts

Iceland is a country of rich nature. People often come here to taking spa procedures. Local cities are filled with numerous spas and massage salons. Why don’t you take home a pack of herbal salts? You can use it for peeling, massages, scrubbing?

Where to find: Go to Westfjords stores.

There are so many interesting things to bring from Iceland. Even if you come back to shopping at the very last minute, you can easily buy something worthy of our list. Besides, you can find most of these specific souvenirs in the city supermarkets.

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