Top 5 non- boring Formula 1 movies

Top 5 non- boring Formula 1 movies

Who said that documentaries are boring because action films are interesting enough? During this time you can find a lot of racing films for all tastes. F1 movies help you to understand the atmosphere of the racing world and get you through the lockdown time. Also, not only Formula 1: Drive to survive”series can immerse you in racing. Here’s a top of “not boring” films.

What is the atmosphere of the Monaco Grand Prix? The answer in one of the best F1 movies by Roman Polanski “Weekend of a Champion.. You will never be as close as in this film to the life of a Formula 1 driver.

Back then, Ron Howard filmed an unforgettable story between James Hunt and Niki Lauda under the name “Rush.” Starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl of Marvel Cinematic Universe, this F1 film is a must-see for Formula 1 fans and non-fans alike.

Also on the real intricacies of the other side of every Formula One job in the Race to Perfection film with the best archives from Sky and F1.

Do you want to explain “what Formula 1 is”? Just watch the Formula 1 movie “Mclaren” before you start your story. Greatest Bruce McLaren passion and those who worked for him on the motorsports way to top.

StudioCanal and Midfield Films will help you remember the legend F1 Ayrton Senna. You will know the story of the greatest Brazilian driver in F1 movie “Senna” better.

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