Rueben Wood & Comedian Brandon Reaves Talk Lightskin Eyes

Rueben Wood & Comedian Brandon Reaves Talk Lightskin Eyes

In a recent episode of SOM Talk Live, comedian Brandon Reeves breaks down a new term for the culture. “LightSkin Eyes”! A term only a comedian could coin and come up with! The Bronx native, Brandon Reaves, recently sat down with media personality Rueben Wood for a new episode of SOM Talk Live. During the episode the two discuss a variety of things related to comedy and the question of the day! When asked what was the craziest thing he had done in life, Reaves responded: “ Pull up to my child’s mother’s job on her work boyfriend “! To only be fair Wood insisted on asking what was the backstory to the happenings on that day, which led to a story of hindsight and Lightskin Eyes.

For propaganda of a conversation the context of the statement only gives an interpretation of how Reaves reacted and felt tricked at the time of his engagement. Little to his surprise the questions asked by Wood was a walk down memory lane!

With laughs and agreeances the conversation turned into a good time for anyone watching and anyone interested in laughing. Check out the episode here:


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