Top 5 Tips And Benefits Of Food And Health – KEYUL MER (BOMBAYYFOODIE)

Top 5 Tips And Benefits Of Food And Health – KEYUL MER (BOMBAYYFOODIE)


• 2020 was a busy year in the food industry

• Here are the 5 most read food articles from the year

• From almonds to Oil, people were curious to read about all

It’s that time of the year again when we look at our page to find out something useful. These articles reflect various trends of the year, and from the looks of it, we can safely say that there seems to be a shift towards natural way of living. The popular themes this year have been traditional home remedies for everyday ailments that crossover with Ayurveda, eating seasonal fruits that are plump with essential nutrients, using age-old herbs that have stood the test of time and proven to be effective time and again, and snacking on healthy nuts that are rich in natural fat, vitamins and minerals. These articles were well-received, are definitely worth your time and we hope you enjoy the read!

  1. Why Soaked Almonds Are Better than Raw Almonds

Time and again, our mothers have stressed on the importance of soaked almonds. They’re good for your hair, skin and brain they say. Some nutritionists come from the school of thought that raw almonds can get the same job done. We finally disclose the myth.

  • Incredible Cashew Nut Benefits: From Heart Health to Gorgeous Hair’

This delicious nut is known for many great reasons, besides its delicious taste. It’s great for the heart, skin and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that could be the key to weight-loss.

  • How to Eat Flaxseeds, Health Benefits, Tips and Recipes

This shinny seed, known for its earthy aroma and nutty taste has been popularly known for many reasons and that includes not just its health benefits but also how best it should be consumed. Read on to know more.

  • Effective Home Remedies for Constipation

A common problem, constipation can be tackled with remedies and not just irritation. Try one you like best and watch your system get back on track in no time.

Constipation can be of different kinds. Occasional constipation, chronic constipation, travel-related or age-related constipation. Besides travel, age and pregnancy related constipation, the others can be triggered by any of the following factors:

1. Change in diet.

2. Lack of fluids.

3. Lack of exercise.

4. Medication.

5. Loosen Up.

  • The Best Cooking Oil for Your Health

Peanut, coconut, vegetable, rice bran, canola, olive, almond oil – with no dearth of options in the market, how do you pick the right one? Here’s a look at various oils, which one to use in what quantity and what’s best for you. I have heard of blended whiskeys. But this was the first time I was hearing of blended oils.The packet claimed that it’s an olive oil and then when I looked closely, it read blended oil.

Here’s a look at various oils and why they are not created equal :-

1. Sunflower Oil

2. Coconut Oil

3. Groundnut Oil

4. Mustard Oil

5. Canola Oil

6. Olive Oil

How does one decide on what is the optimal ratio of these fats, I ask? Shikha says, “a personal thumb rule is 20% saturated 30% poly unsaturated and 50% mono unsaturated but this also includes the nuts and oil seeds as a source of natural oils.”

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